FSM War Protest

Nick Jones, a Biology Graduate student at East Carolina University, and another fellow (and currently unkown) pastafarian, took part in the first ever FSM Anti-War protest. Hopefully thousands more will follow. Make Noodles – Not War

Make Noodles - Not War

You can contact Nick here: [email protected]

377 Responses to “FSM War Protest”

  1. Pluto says:

    @ Rowdiest Wench Oct 12th, 2007 at 7:16 am
    Thanks it’s good to be here. I’ve only started posting in the last month or so but was aware of the site before that. Replying to hate mail is something I just can’t resist, passes time on days when work is slow.

  2. Iron Bess says:

    @RW – have a good run…I am jealous…I won’t be able to go until after work. How’s riding lessons going? Are you still giving them now that you are in school? I haven’t been able to access the group from home, my ‘puter is acting wonky, so I have missed the chats. I was going to update pictures because my kid is visiting. And work frowns on those kinds of things. Say hi to everyone from me.

  3. Iron Bess says:

    @Pluto – I agree it could possibly be a different kid, but if you get wound up about him or others, well it just brings you down to a pre-teen mentality. Leave the trolls under the bridge and wait for fundies who are a lot more fun to torment.

  4. Rowdiest Wench says:

    @ Pluto – it took me a while to start posting after I started visiting the site. It seems a big step to jump in! Glad you did!
    @ Iron Bess – I will say hi to everyone for you in just a couple of minutes! The riding lessons are kind of slow, but that’s OK! It’s hard enough to keep up with everything! Thanks for asking. I really do enjoy teaching – it is very fulfilling for me. But, I think the massage therapy will be too and it’s not weather dependent!!! :)

  5. Rowdiest Wench says:

    @ IB – Message posted! :)) And the run was good! I haven’t been able to go for a couple of weeks. I should have worn shorts instead of long pants – it was warmer than I thought. Oh well, sweating doesn’t really hurt! :)

  6. Iron Bess says:

    Oh lucky girl, it has been pretty crappy, weather wise, here. When it isn’t raining, it’s trying to snow. Yikes and yuck. I hate running with all my gear on. But the good news is that I got my part for my treadmill so when it does get really bad, at least I can still run. Although I hate running on treadmills almost as much as I hate fundy speak.

  7. Rowdiest Wench says:

    @ IB – I’ve never tried running on a treadmill. It seems like it would be hard on your legs? But then again, I am not that dedicated…although I’ve been running for several years now. It’s good at so many levels! I go to our local lake, about a five minute drive from the house. They have a 3.1 mile track around the outside of the lake and it’s all hills. Weather-wise, we are several degrees (F) above where we should be. Which is great, except the horses have their winter coats starting…
    Well, I’d best be off to work on a project for school. Always something!

  8. Yorkshire Pudding says:

    Do the UK chapter fancy a rally preaching to the masses in Leeds Yorkshire? I suggest outside Harvey Nicks for the Chistmas shoppers. Bring costumes and pamphets and I will contact the press. Any takers?? Suggestions for a date and time??