FSM War Protest

Nick Jones, a Biology Graduate student at East Carolina University, and another fellow (and currently unkown) pastafarian, took part in the first ever FSM Anti-War protest. Hopefully thousands more will follow. Make Noodles – Not War

Make Noodles - Not War

You can contact Nick here: [email protected]

377 Responses to “FSM War Protest”

  1. Me says:

    noodles not nukes…..truer words have never been said

  2. Johnny Corvette says:

    The FSM (all be blessed by his greatness) awaits the one mighty and strong who will lead us. We must continue to strive for a national homeland for all Pastafarians. What the FSM (all be blessed) has given us is written on the clouds and cannot be denied. We Pastafarians are people of tolerance, love and peace but will not subvert our beliefs to the laws of any state or nation. The day is coming when our persecution will become to great for us to bare. It is then that we will witness the return of the great FSM (all be blessed) and the streets will run red with the blood of the anti-pastafarians.

    These are dark times for us my fellow Pastafarians and I await the second coming of the FSM (all be blessed).

    – Johnny Corvette, enlightened seer of the divine truth

  3. Eric says:

    as was stated in the video on the main page, FSM is a kind God. Unlike many other religions, no one has been killed in his name. His sauceyness does not condone killing,.. he just loves everybody

  4. The Flying Spaghetti Monster says:

    Fear not mortals. For all will be well.

    Let this day be a day of celebration!

    On this day, you shall only eat spaghetti and pasta, for all meals and snacks…


    I must not interfere with the war, because those who help others help themselves.


  5. Jack Sparrow says:

    @ el tee

    Thats RAmen!

  6. The Flying Spaghetti Monster says:

    Sorry, my noodly appendage slipped on my great keyboard of noodlyness.

  7. FSM lover from south dakota says:

    do not put words into his noodlyneses “mouth”. and this war is necacary in some way. an example is how america is no longer being attacked by terrorists.

  8. Jingles says:

    Yep, no more attacks on American soil.
    Unfortuately though, it hasnt stopped the deaths of American, Iraqi or British soldiers, various Red Cross and UN humanitarian service workers, Iraqi MPs, Iraqi civilians, not to mention preventing the bombings in London, Bali, and Jakarta.
    Then of course, there is the complete loss of respect for the US, British, and Australian governments, the incredible anti western hatred that has been stirred up, the increasing radicalism of Palestinian and Iranian governments, and effectively breaking the credibility of the UN when the ‘coalition’ completely ignored it.
    It really depends on whether you judge it to be worthwhile.