FSM War Protest

Nick Jones, a Biology Graduate student at East Carolina University, and another fellow (and currently unkown) pastafarian, took part in the first ever FSM Anti-War protest. Hopefully thousands more will follow. Make Noodles – Not War

Make Noodles - Not War

You can contact Nick here: [email protected]

377 Responses to “FSM War Protest”

  1. mitzy says:

    you are not not the only one against that!!

  2. I Is A Pirate YARRR says:

    FSM FTW, WAR FTL but i heard that saddam guy didnt like noodles so maybe like going over there and like covering his lands in “tomatoe” sauce would like sort him out unfortunatley we had to use “tomatoe” sauce substitue because it worked out cheeper… if you dont count like the millions of dollars/pounds wotrth of ammo and guns wasted but meh theyve gotta be shot at some one might aswell be a random land lubber who hates pasta, the YARR I IS A PIRATE hath spoken.. suck my balls

  3. Voorganger Gerben says:

    As a reaction on young-republican:
    You should really start to grow some brain. A good solid diet of carbohydrates could help, esp. if in the form of good pasta. Just remember, if cooked right pasta can’t hurt anyone!
    After the right amount of pasta truth will appear and you’l discover that what we all know.. (and I don’t want to start to talk politics here).

    Pick up your eyepatch, place your parrot on your shoulder and set sail to an enlightned future full of clear thinking!


  4. nathan s. the landlubber (piraates rule) says:

    yes, war not noodles. c’mon the pirates! arrr!

  5. bones says:

    FSM has never said anything for OR against war.. He is indifferent and omniscient and will allow us to fight, then fight about whether we are fighting or not, for He knows this is the unfortunate truth of the psyche of humanity, his unintelligent creation.

    All of you: Claiming that He is on YOUR side is the same foolish naivety that christians have, when they claim to know what god wants and says, and argue about it.

    As far as I’m aware the good prophet and messiah HENDEROB is the only one in recorded history to have been directly enlightened. If we have not received instruction on an issue from him, then let each man decide his position on that issue for himself. PLEASE do not allow yourselves to turn on each other, we have all been touched by the noodly one’s flapping appendage!

    Most of all PLEASE do not use the great FSM’s name to back up your views, unless it can be shown clearly to all, from the gospel, and without doubt, that His position is the same as yours. Just assume he’s not willing to lift an appendage because he DOESN’T CARE. He’s too busy partying with strippers and beer, and if anything the war will allow His followers to hasten their journey to party with Him. But people should be able to protest the war without being attacked for it, thats the 1st amendment i believe. If you are that agressively FOR the war that you need to attack the protesters, then join the army and HELP fight the fight.

    I see the beginnings of dissent amongst good believers here, simply because of a tiny, trifling, issue like the pro/anti war debate. A schism in the church so soon after its re-founding would be TRAGIC!
    Accept that they are YOUR beliefs, just yours, FSM doesn’t give a noodly shit! If He did he would have made it clear to us all.

    If you don’t want your loved ones to die in wars, you should’ve convinced them to get a safer job! Armies go to war, that’s what they’re there for. Hippies stay at home and protest that the president shouldn’t send our troops to war, that’s what THEY’re there for. Let the fighting stay overseas, don’t start civil wars over whether or not we should have wars, for fuck’s sake!

    If you’re going to pretend that FSM has guided you on any issue, take up that issue to argue with OTHER (stupider) religions, don’t let’s get nasty with each other. Let us all bask in his warm, saucy, sweet-smelling aura together, and forget our differences. We all love a noodle

    See southpark series 7 episode 1: “I’m a Little Bit Country” to understand further the futility of this debate.

    PLEASE! I beg you all for HIS sake. Shiver me timbers!

  6. FSM Money Stamp at Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster says:

    […] Nick Jones came up with this FSM money stamp. It covers up “In God We Trust” and replaces it with “In Pasta We Trust”. I like it. […]

  7. raspberry says:

    good work…noodles not nukes!

  8. El Tee says:

    You rock! As a military Pastafarian I have been exposed to massive ignorance towards the Church of FSM. If we can preach the word to enough people, perhaps His Noodly Appendage will touch them, endowing them with the understanding that the pursuit of war is a trivial distraction from the Truth. Ramen!