FSM War Protest

Nick Jones, a Biology Graduate student at East Carolina University, and another fellow (and currently unkown) pastafarian, took part in the first ever FSM Anti-War protest. Hopefully thousands more will follow. Make Noodles – Not War

Make Noodles - Not War

You can contact Nick here: [email protected]

377 Responses to “FSM War Protest”

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  1. Melissa says:

    Way to go! Your not the only FSM war protester. Keep up the good work, and may his noodly appendage continue to bless you.

  2. Duke says:

    Ramen, me hearties! Spread the Good Word!


  3. Iraqi Convert says:

    We in Iraq believe that the FMS is a Warlike being. If he was more active all conflicts would be thing of the past.

  4. Landlubbers says:

    The FSM takes umbrage with anyone who believes that war and protests abide within its noodly being. FSM is a god of vengence who will not tolerate infidels to violate it’s existence. If the war is not fought in Iraq it will come to our shores. Wake up and accept that we are in a war

  5. Nick the Infidel says:

    Ohhhh Landlubber,

    Your use of the pirate vernacular is to no avail. In fact I think it is getting hotter in here as I type. FSM is a god of vengence? Where might ye have pulled this factoid? Me thinks it is likely out of your arse!
    Have ye no concern of our noble commander in cheif’s plan to break with the 14 year old moratorium on testing nuclear weapons? In his ambition to test a new generation of bunker busting nukes? Just as we seek to bust the balls of Iran for it’s nuclear power ambitions? Nahh I don’t see any conflict of interest there!
    As far as infidels go, we’re all infidels. An infidel is a non-believer. There are tons of belief systems that each of us don’t believe in, therefore we are all infidels, just depends on your point of view. christians and atheists both disavow thousands of gods, atheists just disavow one more god than christians.
    What war is it that you are reffering to? War on Terror or War in Iraq? Oh how I love that you brought up the “fight them over there or we’ll have to fight them over here” argument. This argument sounds great if you are an American sitting in his comfortable spacious home, but what if you are an Iraqi? The Iraqi’s didn’t suffer enough under Saddam, so now they have to deal with OUR enemies in thier homeland? Such speech seems to indicate that you wish that all terrorists would migrate to Iraq so that we can quickly kill them there!

    I can’t help wondering if Iraqis today are wondering “Gee I wish we could have been liberated by a country that didn’t have so many f*#&ing enemies”.

    Lubber, I am quite awake, and realize that we are in a number of distinct and separate wars. Its your inability to distinguish these wars from each other that confounds me!

    Please don’t claim to speak for FSM in the future.

  6. Ted Linguini says:

    Can’t we all just get along wet noodle smothered in tomato goodness and serve it with garlic bread? Arrrrrghhhh! Ramen

  7. pasta Delight says:

    To protest the war is good….war is bad…people die…and that’s bad…Soldiers are good…thanking them for their service is good….becuase of their sacrafice you still have the right to a good war protest…did I mention war is bad???

  8. TheSunIsATeacup says:

    And it is SO hard to slurp noodles when they are shooting at you. War must stop! It is interfering with dinner!
    FSM please intervene in this senseless insanity! What do you MEAN you’re too busy cooking more apendages??

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