FSM Blesses the University of Maryland

U of Maryland FSM sighting

If anyone has more details on this, I’d like to hear about it. Leave a comment below, if you could. Thanks.

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  1. Shiny G. says:

    The US army sets limits on what religions you can be? Thats amazing! (in a bad way). Does that mean they exclude people on the basis of religion? BUT THE FSM LOVES US ALL! (and/or is to inebriated to really care about such trivial matters). Is it all inclusive? or does it just have Christian/Christian derivatives? Does anyone else find this a bit sus?

  2. Commodore Angryy says:

    @ moonshine g
    it doesn’t exclude on a basis of religion, sit, they need everyone they can get.
    it just means what relgion will go on your dog tag. you can’t have an FSM military grave right now.

  3. Alchemist says:

    Commodore Angryy

    “you can’t have an FSM military grave right now.”
    You know – that doesn’t sound too bad :) I don’t want any kind of grave just yet!

  4. Golferbob says:

    Why would God want to be anything other than a Flying Spaghetti Monster? Makes perfect sense to me.
    I mean, Pasta in all of its many forms is delicious.

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  7. Wench Cyka says:

    Really, if you’re insistant enough, you CAN get what you want on your dog tags, long as its short enough. Mine said Pagan for my seven years of Army slavery. (If you must serve, be an officer.) I am sure as long as you annoy your superiors enough to stand next to the person typing them and dictate FSM, that’s what they’ll say. The firmest rule in the Army is “how can I get you to stop bugging me fastest?” If you politely make it obvious you won’t go away until your dog tags say FSM, they’ll say FSM. I was touched by the irreverent spirit of his noodly appendage long before I ever heard of the great pasta ball in the sky!


  8. Robin says:

    you fucking bastards take that shit off of MSU or i will kill all of you

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