FSM Blesses the University of Maryland

U of Maryland FSM sighting

If anyone has more details on this, I’d like to hear about it. Leave a comment below, if you could. Thanks.

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  1. FSM forever says:

    Why do people get so mad at us expressing our beliefs?

  2. FSM forever says:

    and damn if only I could draw like that

  3. MEE:] says:

    this is the best thing i have EVER heard.
    i just saw this website 10 minutes ago tops.
    ive already converted 6 people to Pastafarian faith:]
    i LOVE this.

    and btw, robin you made me laugh.
    just so you know..

  4. tom says:

    As a Maryland Alum, I can only sit here and WISH the FSM was revealed to me when I was on campus. Cole Field House is in a very busy place – that’s just the perfect venue for others to see and experience! I have been touched by the Noodly Appendages!

    Oh, by the way, what the heck is that Robin psycho writing about? MSU? It’s NOT the Maryland State University… I only wish that Robin would find the peace and serenity we Pastafarians have come to experience.

  5. jeff says:

    Cole Field House is now a shrine! Clearly an intelligent being, only FSM could have performed the miracle of placing his likeness for all to see at this place, and He meant it as a sign to us all. He wants us to repent, to embrace pasta, and to speak out against the unspeakable decline of pirates. The anti-pasta took away sailships and gave us an age of steam to test us. It will not work. We will sail on and remember than FSM wants us to restore the oceans to the glory of old. Give me that old time religion, oh FSM.

    As an alum of (too) many years ago, I can only say I wish He had touched me with his noodly appendage years ago, when I was lost in a fog of meatball sauce and before I was found.

    The Mormons have Jackson County, Missouri, the Christians and Jews have Jerusalem, and now we have Cole Field House. The first Pasta shrine!

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  7. Mr Roboto says:

    FSM forever Nov 27th, 2007 at 5:41 am

    Why do people get so mad at us expressing our beliefs?

    Ummmm.. because it basically says that their beliefs are a lie. Everything that they have been taught about heaven, hell, the old man in the sky with a white beard, it’s all a manifestation of someone who thought up the best way to control people. Fear that is. Ironicly it scares the sh*t out of them.

  8. redtube says:

    It is the best what i saw, 4ever !!!

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