FSM Holiday Trees

Happy Holidays

all hail the fsm

all hail the fsm

all hail the fsm

all hail the fsm

all hail the fsm

all hail the fsm

all hail the fsm

all hail the fsm

all hail the fsm
See more info about this knitted FSM tree-topper at Kate’s Blog here.

Please send me more pictures.

52 Responses to “FSM Holiday Trees”

  1. wow says:



  2. Insane says:

    got one actually :)

  3. the dude says:

    those fsm holiday trees are awesome, and you guys rock

  4. alivia says:

    this website is a very uniqe. all my friends thhink im wierd because i have a pictue of the spaghetti monster as my background! i would like to know, how the name came up.

  5. RAmen says:

    its simple how the name came up. FSM is as stated a FLYING SPEGHETTI MONSTER!

  6. Nidia Sorkin says:

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