FSM Holiday Trees

Happy Holidays

all hail the fsm

all hail the fsm

all hail the fsm

all hail the fsm

all hail the fsm

all hail the fsm

all hail the fsm

all hail the fsm

all hail the fsm
See more info about this knitted FSM tree-topper at Kate’s Blog here.

Please send me more pictures.

52 Responses to “FSM Holiday Trees”

  1. Gaara the Pirate Ninja says:

    well everybody now knows what is going to be hovoring over my Holiday tree (same thing as christmas except Holiday is the Pastafarian word to say it) If George W Bush is a closet pastafarina as Bobby Henderson thinks, well I might, just might, change my mind about being in this religion. Good FSM**!!! I hope not!

    ** Good FSM is the same thing as good lord!!! except of course that it is the Pastafarin way.

  2. wellbutrin xl with zoloft says:

    wellbutrin xl with zoloft…

    dude cool site i like it very much. …

  3. -sean- FSM says:

    is ther any way we can get “Holiday” decorations and tree topers in the store on the site?????????????

  4. trapezoid says:

    Sean… Relax. Im sure you’ll find a way.

  5. theraf says:

    It’s good to see how as Christianity phagocytized (so succeesfully!) existing pagan tradition at the time, the FSM is doing just the same with the christianized output. I expect next year to see the tree adorned with spagetthi and meatballs instead of christmas balls hanging from the branches.

  6. Hal says:

    We all really know though, that the garlands traditionally placed on holiday trees draw their roots from HIS noodly appendages, and of course the various meatball shaped decorations need no explanation at all. Even the choice of a spruce tree, long straight, of light strong flexible wood, is a reference to the masts of his chosen pirates. Yes, HE works in wondrous ways.

  7. tbear says:

    thats a great project for the kiddies ha ha l love it!!

  8. Azu says:

    thats such a cool idea!
    :) thx!

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