Pastafarians Invade Catalina

Flying the Colors

catalina pastafarians

The Light of the FSM shines on the Jolly Fish

catalina pastafarians

The Scurvy Crew

catalina pastafarians

Flying the Colors II

catalina pastafarians

Flying the Colors III

catalina pastafarians

Thanks very much to JoAnn and her faithful crew.

40 Responses to “Pastafarians Invade Catalina”

  1. beka says:

    ok dude i love the fsm but……

    who created this???
    this whole religion….

    that must have been some pretty good salvia or some wierd shit dude..

    but watev….


  2. Piratey Ninja says:

    Beka, you can check out the main page and read up on how it all got started if you want. Nice job with the flags crew, and RAmen to ya.

  3. Dom says:

    OMFSM! I want one of those PF flags! Can you add those to the FSM store or can they be obtained else where?

  4. Azu says:

    nice nice flags n costumes n things
    omg the light of fsm really does shine on the fishy o_O
    what does the fish mean? (sry, im ttly new ^_^”)

  5. Forensick says:

    where can i get that flag!!!

    i need one for me ships!

  6. Advantageous Mongoose says:


    Whir can ye be gettin’ a fyne flag? Why, from the very place we pirates gets all we needs from – ye steals it!

  7. Марк says:

    Да, интернет – он не маленький, если и такое даже можно найти ;)

  8. says:

    Amazing site! love the easy layout

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