Pastafarians Invade Catalina

Flying the Colors

catalina pastafarians

The Light of the FSM shines on the Jolly Fish

catalina pastafarians

The Scurvy Crew

catalina pastafarians

Flying the Colors II

catalina pastafarians

Flying the Colors III

catalina pastafarians

Thanks very much to JoAnn and her faithful crew.

40 Responses to “Pastafarians Invade Catalina”

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  1. Spanner says:

    marvellous. Nice to see you’ve made Pastafarianism what it should be – Ship shape. Keep up the good work, me hearties!

  2. Louis says:

    Onward Pastafarian Soldiers,
    Have you taken Catalina yet?
    Should we send more troops?

    Brother Louis

  3. Mike Meier says:

    Nice flags. Really. Nice!

  4. Wosret says:

    Nice to see a faithful group of pirates out to spread the word of our saucy master, keep up the good work mates. I think I feel the temperature dropping a couple degrees

    Become a pirate, save the world.

  5. Don Lardini says:

    I praise him for the magnificent work you are doing to counter environmental disaster. Heva many children and prosper, let the pirates once again rule the seas.

    • Neil G says:

      They have, in Somalia.

  6. NGUP says:

    Ninjas rule

  7. Sarah Connors says:

    Where are these Pastafarians coming from – Orange County? I live in Newport Beach and it makes me feel saucier to know that there are fellow Pastafarians so close to home.


  8. NEHE says:


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