Pirate Fish hidden in Pirates of the Caribbean 3?

Published June 15th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Hey, I’m just wondering – has anyone spotted a Pirate Fish hidden somewhere in Pirates of the Caribbean 3? Months ago, one of the animators told me they’d slip it in somewhere. I haven’t seen it yet, and no one has told me they saw it yet. Is it there?



Irreducible Complexity is Reducible

Published June 13th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

From Newsweek

Now that evolution has become an issue in the presidential campaign (in the May 3 debate among Republican presidential hopefuls, when moderator Chris Matthews asked if any candidates did not “believe in” evolution, three hands—Tom Tancredo’s, Sam Brownback’s and Mike Huckabee’s—shot up), it is always amusing when biologists put another brick in the solid wall that is evolution. The latest comes from a study in which researchers discovered clues to the evolutionary origins of the nervous system.

Read it here


I want to believe, too

Published June 11th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson


As an inveterate devotee of FSM wallpapers, I’ve found that the attached
variation I did on the ‘believe’ image works a little better graphically
than the one currently offered at venganza.org.
Use it if you like it.

Thanks! – I agree, it’s better.


Classroom preaching

Published June 9th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson


With my attachment you can view Him in my 4th period class as i have advertised him by drawing him on the board. My teacher was very kind to it, and today when i came to class i realized someone had erased it so i re-drew Him. I am going to begin sending out flyers and have currently converted one serious member to His greatness.
please get back to me. RAmen. –Matt


Jolly Roger Banned

Published June 8th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson


Some neighborhood council in Hampshire banned a man from flying the Jolly Roger at his son’s birthday party.

The article doesn’t mention if he was a Pastafarian, but I would not be surprised. I doubt this was an issue of religious discrimination, more likely just an uptight council. It sounds like he’ll get permission to fly the flag after filing for some permits, but if not, I suggest that he plays the religious discrimination card.

The article is here.


(some) Religious leaders testify in Senate on Global Warming

Published June 7th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

From Reuters:

Several religious leaders — Episcopal, Catholic, Jewish and evangelical Christian — agreed on Thursday on the need to confront global warming, while other faith representatives questioned the climate change threat.

I’m a little annoyed that no one thought to ask for OUR opinion on this. Pastarians had a view on Global Warming long before it became trendy. And OUR theory is backed by hard science. And a statistically significant graph, which, by the way, has been printed in more than a couple textbooks now.

Anyway, you can read the article here.


Pirate ships invade Portland

Published June 7th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson


Tall Sailing Ships in Portland at Waterfront Park, May 31 – June 10.

I wish I could go.

Read about it here.



Published June 6th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Spotted in Springfield, Missouri, by Eulalia.


Thanks to the MSU Pastafarians for doing this.


Stolen Laptop tracker

Published June 5th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

This is a free service for Pastafarians:

Register your laptop here. You’ll be given a unique “home page” address for your internet browser. When you connect to the internet, your IP address will be recorded, and then you’ll be redirected to google.

In the event that your laptop is stolen, report it to the police, and then email me. If the thief connects to the internet, we’ll have their approximate location, and their current Internet Service Provider. There’s a decent chance of getting your laptop back.

It’s still in experimental stage but it’s fully functional. I wish I made this a couple weeks ago (before my laptop was stolen).

Anyways, try it out here. Let me know what you think.



More on the server issues

Published June 5th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Things are still broken, I’m sorry. They’ll be fixed soon. Here’s what happened:

The Church of the FSM site lives on a dedicated server, hosted by one of the largest hosting companies in the US. We get a lot of traffic, and the site runs off database-driven dynamic publishing engine (nerds, read: wordpress/mysql). Whenever we are linked by a site like digg or reddit or boingboing, the server goes down. We were stable unless traffic was unusually high. We upgraded memory and tweaked the settings. That helped but didn’t fix the problems, the server still went down a couple times a month.

We reprovisioned the server, installed a newer OS, moved to a faster machine, but it’s not enough. We’re still bogged down.

So, we’re moving to a new hosting company that has built for us a very powerful server. We’re making the switch today or tomorrow and then things should be finally stable.

Thank you for bearing with me.

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