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FSM Vegan Recipe

Published July 26th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Dr. Stonielove’s recipe to spread the Pastafarian teachings to vegans:


– body: pasta fresca
– balls: fried tofu balls
– eyes: rice cakes and kalamata olives.

*Pasta Fresca* serves 2

– 1 1/4cup semolina flour
– 1/2 cup water
– 1 tbs olive oil

– combine the ingredients and knead for 2 minutes
– rest the dough for 30 minutes
– roll and cut into strips
– set aside to dry (for a few hours)
– it takes about 3 minutes to cook in boiling water

*Fried Tofu Balls* makes 2 dozen balls


– 1 package firm tofu, drained and mashed
– 1/2 onion, minced
– 1 tbs olive oil
– 1 tbs wheat germ
– 1 tbs bread crumbs
– 1 tbs flour
– 1 tsp oregano
– 1 tsp red chili pepper
– oil for frying
– 2 cups marinara sauce


– combine all the ingredients
– make small balls (about 1tbs each) and fry them
– simmer in marinara sauce


Pirates Vs. Ninjas: A study in memology

Published July 26th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Wellington Grey has published a seminal report discussing a topic of much importance to recent memes: Pirates Vs. Ninjas.


Grey looks not only at weapons and fighting characteristics, but at environmental concerns and challenges faced by each groups.

Simple Harmonic Motion favors pirates: Fighting on a ship requires the combatants to move with the oscillations of the ship. Pirates would have a natural advantage in this environment.




Grey also looks at the influence of the FSM, Himself.


I recommend that anyone interested in a attaining a greater understanding of the issue take a look at the report.


FSM toast

Published July 25th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

I just came across this article at one of my favorite websites, Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories. The geniuses at EMSL have attached a heat gun to a computer controlled XY table to create the world’s first CNC toast machine. I read about this project some time ago, but I hadn’t realized that they used this impressive technology to create FSM toast. Take a look:


They also put one up for sale on ebay, where it was purchased for the bargain price of $26.99.

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Who remembers shrink-plastic?

Published July 24th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

I have crafted, using shrink plastic and colored pencils, an image of the Flying Spaghetti Monster to hang from my husband’s rear view mirror. Now he has a reminder of His Great Noodliness wherever he goes.


Nice work. I want one. -bobby

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FSM in Jerusalem

Published July 23rd, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

I have always said that Pastafarianism is the most tolerant and peaceful of all the mainstream* religions. Based in reason, the FSM religion avoids the usual traps of dogma. Pastafarians are not bound to any strict doctrine whose context may change over the years. As a result, we’re able to incorporate new ideas into our beliefs and evolve** with the times.

I was sent these photographs of the FSM in Jerusalem, the holiest city in Judaism. If legitimate***, it would appear that the FSM, Himself, is on some sort of research trip. Clearly, it is a relaxed, peaceful trip, as the pictures show the FSM sight-seeing. But make up your own mind:

jerusalem1.jpg jerusalem2.jpg

* I feel that Pastafarianism can be considered a mainstream religion rather than a fringe religion, since there are now over one million results when googling “flying spaghetti monster”.

** By this, I mean a type of social evolution. Biological evolution is of course only an illusion; the Flying Spaghetti Monster Created everything in its current form, we believe.

*** The FSM does, admittedly, look to be constructed of yarn or something similar, but I believe this is just the way he looks on film.

Thanks to Noga for the pictures.

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Pancake sighting

Published July 23rd, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

We had a minor miracle at our house this am. An image of the Flying Spaghetti Monster appeared in a pancake (see attached photo).

As you can see his noodleness seems to be winking, then it hit me.
He’s wearing a pirate patch on one eye! A clear endorsement of Talk
Like a Pirate day for Pastafarians. Arrrrrr. And pancakes.

It was my intention to sell the pancake on eBay but, in a moment of confusion in the kitchen, the iconic flapjack was accidentally mixed in with the batch going to the table where it was subsequently slathered in butter, covered with syrup and consumed. Efforts at recovery were both messy and spectacularly unsuccessful.

Best Regards,



It looks real to me. I’m glad it wasn’t sold on ebay, but slightly curious as to how much it would have been sold for -bobby

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Periodic table of the Internet

Published July 23rd, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster has been included in the Periodic Table of the Internet:


You can take a look at it here.


Live Chat with other Pastafarians

Published July 22nd, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

I am pleased to announce a newly installed live-chat site for all of your Pastafarianism-discussion needs: chat.venganza.org. Enjoy.

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