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  1. Pikachu says:

    I can only get one of the brochures to line up correctly for folding. Any tips?

  2. Eric says:

    Considering an IQ of 165 is considered genious, Mr. Robot must be a FLIPPING GENIOUS — Or I might of thought that if I didn’t read his comments..
    “I know from experience that there is no such thing as coincidence.” -Robot Michael
    Are you kidding me? This must be one of the dumbest things I have ever read. Of course there is such thing as coincidence.
    definition of coincidence  [koh-in-si-duhns]. ‘1. a striking occurrence of two or more events at one time apparently by mere chance’
    You’re telling us that if you woke up, and put on your pink Barney shirt, and so does some other idiot across city, you guys meeting wouldn’t be because you both COINCIDENTLY ran into each other?
    Imagine this, there are two 8-balls on a billiard table. All of the other balls are also on the table. So 16 balls all together with the extra 8-ball. If they all started moving on their own and bumping into the walls, balls will start hitting. Maybe the two 8-balls will collide very early. This would be something you morons consider a miracle. Either way, the two 8-balls will eventually collide. Idiot, next qoute.
    “Evolution is in and of itself like a religion with its own religious hierarchy, symbols, and bigots.”
    Maybe you should explain this to me. Since when was Evolution a religion, didn’t you just say it was a theory? When was the last time you learned about Evolution in school and then you were asked to donate money to the god of evidence? Scientists done go out and try to find new people to worship their theory of evolution, they teach it because of the vast amounts of observations and evidence they have to teach. Not because some old dead guy wrote a book about what they saw. I’m pretty sure there are symbols so we could remember what we were studying [for organization], not to worship. As far as bigots go, people are partial to their beliefs in evolution because you can’t prove that the evidence, bones, carbon samples, telescopes, phsyics [that actually exist] doesn’t exist. While we have already proven that it DOES.
    I’m not going to qoute anymore of your dumb reply because it’s all just a bunch of crap. I’ll end this comment with this.
    You people believe in god because you are afraid of death, because the thought of you being gone forever scares the living shit out of you. I predicting that eventually no one will believe in this religion because all it has caused is wars, and maybe some good deeds. I guess the only good thing about religion are the good things people do out of it. Still doesn’t mean it’s true. I hope you’re athiest now.

  3. Adam L. says:

    I love the image that mixes the FSM with DNA. Talk about “The Selfish FSM”!!

  4. Riley H says:

    The second double sided brochure contains a spelling error, Nitrogen-14 is spelled Nitorgen-14. Unless this is a new substance created by the noodly appendage of our saucy master, I which case I humbly ask forgiveness.

  5. pirate says:

    nice im going to spread the word at my school!!!!!! and tis not propaganda tis truth

  6. Whatsinaname? says:

    @ Evyl Robot Michael-
    Respect and tolerance? Because the Christian church is famous for respect and tolerance, right? Please. You don’t see the Pastafarians hate-mailing pastors and other church leaders.
    May you be touched by his noodly appendage.

  7. gill says:

    @Evyl Robot Michael–“I see that the theory (note theory and not law” –Do me a favor and look up the meaning of scientific theories, because I’m tired of explaining it every other day.
    “In the best case scenario, you will learn the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.”–Oh yes, that’s tolorant right there. ‘If you’re real real lucky you’ll learn the TRUTH! Because my way is the only way!1111!!!one!’

    Please. The only absolute is that there are no absolutes, so stop acting like there are. (Ok, which famous dead guy said that…)

  8. TRIX says:

    @Evyl Robot Michael-
    There is no way in Pasta-Hell, that your could be IQ is 180. That isn’t even “blessed”. In 5th grade, I took an IQ test because the school system thought I was Autistic. My IQ was 146. That’s high enough to get into Mensa. If you were so fucking smart, you wouldn’t be spending your time here; No, you’ll be out teaching or getting a friggin’ Ph.D. Haven’t you ever heard that the smarter you are, the more atheist you get. Get a science book. Coincidences are real. God is not. FSM is.
    Oh, and as for holes in the evolution theory, it’s a given. We don’t know everything, but we will eventually. We just haven’t found the evidence yet. And it takes no faith to believe in evolution. It’s not a religion, IT’S FUCKING SCIENCE!

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