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Please leave me your thoughts and suggestions regarding the FSM materials.

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  1. Capt'n Argus Firecrotch says:

    I love eating spaghetti it is by far my favorite meal. Once i ate spaghetti for a whole week for lunch and dinner(not for breakfast because i love cereal and milk too unless they invent spaghetti cereal) because thats how much i love spaghetti. i don’t like tinned spaghetti theres no joy in it at all because u don’t get to make it from beginning to end u just open the tin and dump it on a plate and zap it in the microwave. anyway today i made spaghetti for dinner, while i was making this wonderful meal i wondered who made spaghetti my favorite meal. there was a mention of the flying spaghetti monster so i clicked on the link to know more and here i am. this religion is totally perfect for me i feel like i have finally found my calling i have found god and its name is FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER!! truly i have been touched by the his noodle appendage..rAmen

  2. Heather says:

    I’ve been so happy ever since I was touched by his noodly appendage. I can’t wait to spread the word of the majestic pasta throughout my community!


  3. Flea Hotel Bass Player says:

    THIS RELIGION IS BEST! I can’t stand christians, muslims, hindus, whatever and this religion rules. I will reccomend it to everyone. i love the merchandise. i should do some for flea hotel

  4. Forensick says:

    i am a chef on a cruise ship…
    i aim to take control and declare us pirates true to the FSM cause…

    i just need a flag!
    why oh why can we not buy a pastafarian flag!
    how can we be pirates without it!

  5. Panji says:

    Where are the dog coats, or at least well-made patches to sew, iron onto material (coats, shirts, foreheads, etc.)?

    My retired racer, Joey, would look just swell in a tan or black racing silk with His Divine Noodliness emblazoned across the sides. Or even a brindle, although since Joey is brindle, we want to be sure that His Noodliness stands out clearly.

    Of course, will Our Sauced Master be angry seeing Joey run in this fine racing silk, thinking we are trying to trplace him with an imposter? After all, Greyhounds were put on this Earth in His image, with their long, thin legs running all akimbo.

    Terima Kasih

  6. caitlin says:

    can we make his noodly goodness jewelry so I can profess my faith at dressier occasions?

  7. caitlin says:

    by that i mean things that have jewel type things on them.

  8. Jamie Waldron says:


    This is too funny. Love it! Love your cause too. Where can I get a car badge of the FSM?

    In case you’re interested, my personal take is that Science and Theology answer different questions and are NOT mutually exclusive.

    Way too many people take themselves WAY too serious. –my one sentence summation of the world’s problems…



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