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Please leave me your thoughts and suggestions regarding the FSM materials.

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  1. jesse hoyle says:

    as a southener living in the chokehold of the bible belt, i have been lucky enough to be touched by the knowledge of the noodly one. these tracts will be helpfull in suggesting an alternative to the false prohpets that seem to be so common in these parts. thank you

  2. Pluveus says:

    I am concerned about the forcefulness of some of the propaganda material, it seems rather hateful, like this one and this one. They seem to run counter to the gospel. Shouldn’t the first one say something more like, join our church, or be plagued by stale beer and strippers with VD?

  3. schmeeges says:

    Hiya, sorry, can’t help it, but there’s a spelling mistake on the first brochure (the black background tri-fold one) – it says ‘Conclussion’ rather than ‘conclusion’ – in red on the back page (obviously, ’cause it’s the conclusion). Someone may have already picked that up and apologies if that is so, but can the pdf please be altered (?), as I’d love to print and have some ready when the religion sellers come knocking, but being a school-teacher am a bit anal about the spelling. Thankyou.

    …Oh! …and I love my new desktop – very stylish!

  4. juego de la ruleta says:

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  5. Coralie says:

    I LURVE the flyers! My friend and I intend to stick them all over the social area at college. If the Christians are allowed, so are we.

  6. CBJ says:

    I live on a Sail Boat(Pirate Ship). I would like a FSM Flag to hang in my rigging. Can you Design one/make it avalible at your shop? I would like to support you in your goal to buy your own Pirate Ship.



  7. Kelly says:

    I love it, but I don’t know enough (yet!) to be handing them out. I did save a lot of the (superbe, *giggle*) screensavers though. I’m thinking about buying the word of his great noodlyness. This is what I found out by now: He really makes sence.
    (Love the propaganda materials.)

    RAmen (sounds a lot better than amen (^ -) ) Kelly

  8. parker says:

    Grr… I can’t save the brochures. I really want them too.

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