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Please leave me your thoughts and suggestions regarding the FSM materials.

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  1. sarah says:

    PLEASEEE make the screensaver of pirate fish (yarrrr) mac compatible! my mac needs to convert to its fullest!

  2. pastaboy says:

    As a high-school student I can tell you that by far the most commonly taught subject of those you mentioned is Chemistry. 10th or 11th graders across the country take Chemistry. The “four Greek elements theory” and the “astrology theory” stand out to me far above the others (bloodletting, perpetual motion, horse-arithmetic) as deserving of attention by our school system. Astrology is particularly hard to disprove…

  3. Kona says:

    I can remember back in the 80’s that many evangelicals were passing out ‘Chick’ tracts which were done in a comic book style. It was and I guess still is the gold standard in comic evangelism. Perhaps His Holy Noodleness could use some similar materials to help get the message out to people everywhere?

    Wrapped in His Loving Noodley Appendage and Drenched in His Sauce,


  4. carrington says:

    i am a beliver ing the spagitte it is so awsome

  5. Cheese says:

    Tracts are a great idea. Perfect for hiding in bibles and other religious texts at any bookstore near you. My classes start tomorrow so I have a feeling I will be trying to create one then.

  6. Tehstockmaster says:

    i am feeling exceptionally touched by his noodly appendage today. if anyone wishes to philosophiise with me about random subjects of existance, please do so. but only if your head is not prone to imploding (that is a mess i don’t want to be responsible for).

  7. Daniel Ryan says:

    i have a question and its a lil out there but, you all know the elements, Earth, wind, and water. But wat about the 4th element? There is talk that Human should be the 4th element…for reasons not stated, though i could probly guess why..but enways to the question. What is your thoughts on a Human being considered a Element?

  8. RAVEN says:

    well the forth element is fire. so the 5th element could be human but is apparently a superhuman i point u to the film called the “5th element” and is staring bruce willis the guy off the die hard movies. but personally i would say that 5th element should be what ever that damn spark of life is be it soul or whatever. ps cant say there is no such thing as a soul cause the FSM gave me vision when he touched me with the noodly appendage in it he gave humans a soul at the same time he gave dogs a tail

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