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  1. Mike says:

    Dear Mr. Henderson,

    ÃŽ’m Mike, a 15 years old student from a “gymnasium”(highest possible education here) in Switzerland and I came across the FSM’s wikipedia article and i loved it. Here in Switzerland we have to attend religion as a school subject that counts as much as maths, physics and every other subject. Now we have to give a speech about the religion we feel is the right one. Because I don’t believe in a God who created the world and stuff, I’d like to have my speech about your “religion”. I’ve got only one problem, and that’s where I’d really appreciate your help: It has to be a half-an-hour-speech and i’m afraid i don’t have enough information about your parody-religion. If you could supply a little bit more information, I’d appreciate that. I know I should buy the Gospel, unfortunately it would take too long(and would be too expensive) to have it shipped from the U.S. and it’s not avaiable in Switzerland. So I hope you’ll help me give a fun speech about your religion, I’m sure I’d be able to convert some of my school-buddies…Because the FSM-theory is just as logical as everything being created by a supernatural power like let’s say….God…

    Sincerly yours,

    Mike, Switzerland

  2. One Eyed Jack says:

    Dear Mike,
    I’m not Bobby, but I read your post and have a question for you. Are you required to pick a religion or is atheism an option? Requiring you to pick a religion makes it sound as if deciding to reject all religion isn’t a reasonable choice.

  3. DennyMo says:

    It’d be nice if there were .gif or .jpg files about 100×100 pixels, suitable for use as avatars in the online forums. Anybody know of a source for those?

  4. Starbuckaneer says:

    Ooohhh, I want to be Britney Spears!

  5. One Eyed Jack says:

    I think you can find all you need to know about FSM online. First, explore this site, especially the letter to the Kansas School Board by Bobby Henderson Look at the Wikipedia entries for “Flying Spaghetti Monster”,
    Those three sources will tell you almost as much about FSM and Pastafarians as the Gospel will. By the way, RAmen is not my name. It is a Pastafarian practice to sometimes end discussions by combining “Amen” and “Ramen” (as in Ramen noodles). Good luck!

  6. Mike says:

    Dear RAmen

    I hope you get to read this, I can’t be on-line every day so i just saw your entry.
    Anyway, I was talking to my teacher about this when I first got the idea to have my speech about the FSM(right after i got to this page) and he told me I could have it about atheism. And one topic of my speech will be “parody religions” and my exemple will be the Flying Spaghetti Monster” but I’d really appreciate a little more information to make it sound a little more “serious”, you know!?


  7. Mike says:

    Okay, thanks a lot, I’ll post the mark i got for that speech here if i don’t forget it…

    Again, thanks…


  8. D says:


    What we really need are some FSM tracts to hand out with Halloween candy. The evangelicals will be handing out Jesus propaganda, we must fight back in the name of His Noodliness by presenting these young, malleable minds with the Truth!



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