Comment on Propaganda Materials

Please leave me your thoughts and suggestions regarding the FSM materials.

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  1. Edward Cherlin says:

    Sorry, that should be

    With It’s Noodly Appendage.

  2. Noodly Discple says:

    This image… has 35000… and then 45000…
    And the temperature went up. I think that this graph has been changed by the FSM, praise be to him, however, for the benefit of society we should change the graph to look some what intelligent. ;)

  3. Will says:


    Are there any plans to produce greetings cards for believers to send to each other in time for this winter’s soltice?



  4. Will says:

    Sorry “solstice”

  5. Dave says:

    What we really need is a good FSM Christmas tree topper. I’m working on one now but I’m a mediocre sculpture at best.

  6. phil says:

    love the materials. how about an AIM compatible buddy icon

  7. jkmgtbwaauo says:


    fudopejlbs dprhibxsodg slmwhswi iagnnjppq …

  8. El Gimpo Suave says:

    Could the creators of these wonderful brochures TWEAK some of the graphics for better reproduction on black and white copiers? Some areas appear too light even with darkness settings at maximum.I have been printing via network to a high end XEROX copier so I’m not losing resolution from scanning the original. All of the text seems to be fine EXCEPT within the pirates/global temperature graph and the visibility of his holiness as portrayed in the masterpiece “I Want To Believe” and “over the mountain with midget”. Under the best of circumstances, lighting allows for a reasonable level of readability, however most of my efforts towards conversion take place in poorly lit areas adjacent to strippers and beer.
    Via Con Pasta

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