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you guys are a joke

Published December 12th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson



Published December 11th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

I don’t care who you are, or what the f*** you’re
thinking, but if that CRAP shows up in our school
systems, my girls will NOT GO TO SCHOOL! Jesus Christ
is our Lord and Saviour, and I hope for the sake of
your soals that you wise up and get back to the REAL truth!


of course intelligent design should be taught

Published December 8th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Of course intelligent design should be taught.
For the simple philosophical premise of it being more than enough, And the fact that having consciousness within creation automatically proves its being designed, since consciousness is the only thing that can comprehend “design” and “not designed” infact, its the only thing that can comprehend at all. So if creation were not designed, it would not contain consciousness capable of “design” and we wouldnt all be here debating this would we.


Who’s doing the demonizing?

Published December 8th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Who’s doing the demonizing? I suppose you live south of the 49th, but Athiests who refrain from thrusting an agenda on others (and yes, lots of religious folks do do that) do not get very much flack here. Nor do Sihks, Buddhists or Unitarians. These sects do not, and this is where it might be instructional to your group to sit up and pay attention, construct websites with the single clear purpose being to discredit spiritual people. You are disrespectful and frankly, not too evolved. The rest of the world is striving to move toward to-ler-ance and you’d be well advised to follow suit. I don’t wear a turban, carry a hymn book, wear a cross, a ceremonial sword, I don’t wear blessed underwear or confer with tree goods but I do know that we’d all be better off saying, “I agree to disagree” and cease and desist with campaigns to uncover someone else’s faith as a sham. I think defamation is the word you’re looking for, as opposed to demonisation, unless whereever you’re from really IS the way it’s depicted in South Park (I thought it was a parody!) no one is “DEMONISING” intellectual curiousity,…that’s called ‘science’.

Your logic is not up to snuff. So, if this is not in the name of humour, it’s in the name of logic. Excuse me while I go and ponder that disconnect. There are many, many illogical things that happen in the world with amazing regularity. Does that necessitate a campaign to discredit it? One example, so many people gorge on fastfood that obesity is an epidemic. —> Therefore we should start a campaign to uncover their stupidity and shame them into more informed behaviour while acting as laugh material for the rest of us non-fatties. (the ones who know “the truth” about food)

Have you ever heard of relativism? Do you know that the chances are very, very good that Jesus, the Bhudda (arguably several incarnations) and Muhhomed (sp?) all walked the earth?

A distinction

Published December 5th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

A distinction:

I appreciate what you’re saying, and I think it’s important to hear. In writing with such wry and caustic humour, you’re able to really effectively reveal the absurdity of what’s happened. There is a difference, however, between parody and ridicule. At points your sarcasm (“one third time for logical conjecture,” etc.) becomes quite harsh and implies that the religious view denies logic and reasoning wholesale.

You’re dealing with something that, more than being a “precious belief” per se, is an important part of many people’s identity. Many define themselves, not just peripherally, but primarily as “Christians.” Attacking that belief system without at least giving it some hint of respect or sensitivity is akin to mocking a person’s chosen lifestyle, personality, or preferences as not just different but illogical and wrong. You can’t in one section write ironically about the deductive demerits of believing in written scripture as a priori truth and then claim to avoid attacking the very heart of a person’s belief system and philosophical identity. You have literally brought the very basis of not only Christian teaching but religious belief in general into question, and in a fairly patronising and uncompromising way.

I’m not asking you to “present both sides” or any equally bullshit measure. But I am asking you to be empathetic. When criticising the core of a person’s self-identity (what they believe in), it’s important to be a little more humane.


Where is the damn solid evidence

Published December 3rd, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Where is the damn solid evidence for Darwinian macroevolution? All I have ever heard and read is marginal evidence and lots of supposition along with a non or atheistic worldview that specifically rules out the possibility of considering the existence of God. Science cannot imply God? Complexity cannot imply God? To you people, it cannot because evolution is true. Since evolution is true, complexity is due to evolution a priori. Tautological, completely.

Whenever a theory such as irreducible complexity is brought forth that might lend credence to the argument that you all so despise–the very NOTION of the existence of God–then research is done with the goal in mind (implicit or explicit) of finding an explanation that fits within evolutionary theory. Peer review rules out the possibility of even considering any outside-the-box thinking. Toe the pseudoscientific philosophical line or be ridiculed and marginalized.

I look at you blind believers in “science” as members of a political party. If I were to go into the Democratic National Convention and tell them that Republican ideas are correct, even if my ideas hold value they will be shunned. You Darwinists are essentially sore afraid that one day someone might posit something scientific that is unexplainable by any scientific means. And you might have to entertain the notion of God! *gasp* “But that isn’t science…we can’t consider it! God doesn’t exist, only infinitely finely-tuned physical laws that don’t vary and an essentially infinitely complex universe!” Chaotic haphazard happenstance. Yep, you guys have it all figured out.

Certainly you FSMers are among the most cynical and, yes, terrified of the notion that someday you might have to draw a conclusion that will force you to consider something that is not purely scientific (i.e. to you, that means something supporting Darwinian macroevolution) in your eyes.

I know, since I don’t agree with you guys’ philosophy I have a “poor understanding” of all things science, I’m ignorant of the plethora of evidence, blah blah blah. I’ve heard it. Save the glib condescension for the next generation of potential converts to either of your–dare I say–pathetic religions.

Nothing personal to any of you guys. I suppose you all have good intentions. I do wish you well and sincerely hope you find Truth.

-A Darwinian macroevolution-denying Physician

[this message was left as a comment on another thread]

are you kidding me?

Published December 2nd, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

flying spaghetti monster? Are you kidding me? I don’t think there’s any documents or books that date back as far as the Bible and are as accurate as the Bible. Try reading the book of Job. There’s so many things mentioned in that book alone that could not have been known by people, unless God brought it to light. Fresh water springs feeding oceans, deep trenches in the oceans, dinosaurs(40-42), yes dinosaurs not whales or hippos; many of these things we didn’t know until much, much later.

Ok ok. I just have to say this first

Published November 8th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Ok ok. I just have to say this first…I am a satanist…..oh what now christains (ur next)!!! Even though i can tell in everyway this is fake its funny as hell, but it has been given more thought than some of the other “fake” religions going around. I dont know why this was created because my person views see christains take there religion form paganism, Eygption Gods, and even for Roman Myths. I think mocking a religion is horrilbe in any form ( that means ge off my back christains!!!). So this is kinda like a F you to christains on ur side, but from me to you i think you lost you mind if you believe this. If you cant see or even detect it how did it come to be known? Pirates have been proven to be thieves and they still are today (which is more prof), and the fact about the natural world, hurricanes and ect. are getting worse because the world population is increasing rapidly. So before you start saying stuff that doesnt make since like christains that are against gay marrige you better look more it the facts than wha you believe.


r … u … serious?

Published November 5th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

r…u…serious? Ur LYING to everyone! Ur CONDEMNING them. And for what? U think ur COOL making up ur own “RELIGION”. Ur ridiculous. Ur IGNORANT. I will eat ur good for nothing spaghetti monster. Then I’ll be ur idle to worship. Ignorant. I’d smack u if that came about. Oh how I wish I could drive to u. Take all ur pasta away. Then! Just maybe, then, u could make up the swimming unicorn of wonder. I’m a Christian. And being a Christian doesn’t make me perfect. I am holding myself back from cursing at u. That’s pointless. Ur a fool. And u’ll burn in hell for being a fool. I hope, one day, u make the right decision.

this is getting to be pretty sophomoric

Published November 2nd, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

This is getting to be pretty sophomoric.

Why not go back to being an atheist instead of a broken hinge that squeaks whenever it sees religion?

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