Kansas School Board Responses to the Open Letter

Response from Mrs. Janet Waugh – District 1 – Received 6/25/05

From: [email protected][xxxxxxx]
To: [email protected]
Date: Jun 25, 2005 6:34 AM
Subject: Response from a member of the Kansas Board of Education

Thanks for your comments about the Flying Spaghetti Monster and all the supporters who have sent their support to members of the Kansas Board of Education. I am supporting the recommendations of the science committee and am currently in the minority. I think your theory is wonderful and possibly some of the majority members will be willing to support it.

Thanks again,

Janet Waugh District 1

Response from Mrs. Sue Gamble – District 2 – Received 6/26/05

From: [email protected][xxxxxxxxx]
To: [email protected]
Date: Jun 26, 2005 6:34 PM
Subject: Reply

Dear Mr. Henderson, Thanks for your message. Thanks for the laugh. Your web site is fascinating. I will add your theory to a long list of alternative theories I intend to introduce when it is appropriate. I am practicing how to do this with a straight face which is difficult since it’s such a ridiculous subject; it is also very sad that we are even having the discussion.

I will be one of the four member minority who will be voting against the flawed science standards currently being proposed by the six member majority.


Sue Gamble

Response from Mrs. Carol Rupe – District 8 – Received 8/16/05

From: Carol Rupe
To: [email protected]
Date: Aug 16, 2005 8:19 AM
Subject: Kansas State Board of Education

Dear Mr. Henderson,

In the midst of the sad circumstances of having our science standards lowered, you and your legion of fellow FSM followers have offered wonderful comic relief. Rather than the form letters which we often receive on other topics, each FSM letter has been clever and unique. I responded to several at first, but now there have just been too many. I am a member of the Kansas State Board of Education and have voted repeatedly to maintain excellent science standards. Last week was the vote to send a new draft (written by the 6 conservative members) out for external review. The four of us on the board who are moderates were in the minority on the vote. The group of science teachers and university professors who had written the original standards (before they were changed) have now asked that their names be withdrawn from the document. The new version changes the very definition of science from “seeking natural explanations” to “seeking logical explanations”. That is why I think FSMism is able to be included. It is as “logical” as any other theory.

The final vote on the standards will be in October. We will be in Lawrence, Kansas for that meeting. Those of us who are moderates on the board are trying to have the meeting in the Natural History Museum at the University of Kansas. We think that would be an appropriate setting for the occasion. We welcome you to be in attendance.

We have received thousands of emails from scientists around the world. At first, they all tried to explain good science to us. After the vote last week, however, they have resorted to calling us hillbillies and morons. And those are the nice letters!

Thank you for adding levity to this situation. You have developed quite a following. I was wondering if we could reverse the effects of global warming if we started breeding pirates.

Carol Rupe

P.S. I ordered a Kansas Museum of Science t-shirt. I may just have to wear it to a board meeting.

From: Mrs. Kathy Martin, District 6

“It is a serious offense to mock God.”

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  1. Anthony says:

    Wait…I thought the flying spaghetti monster WAS God… no?

  2. magis says:

    assuming god created everything
    and god is invisible
    and god is all knowing and all seeing
    and god is everywhere.

    isn’t the only difference between god and the flying spaghetti monster the fact that god made us in his own image.

    is it possible that the flying spaghetti monster is god and he just didn’t make us in his own image?

  3. magis says:

    From: Mrs. Kathy Martin, District 6

    “It is a serious offense to mock God.”

    well i’ll take my chances… besides he’s a good friendly forgiving god right?

    well anyways. it’s easier to pay respects to the flying spaghetti monster by making our food in his image as hommage as it is he who provides us with food.

    and if it is truely a serious offense to mock god, why do you mock ours if not to encourage us to mock yours?

  4. Fedora says:

    I grew up in Kansas. I was in a bar in my home town last time I went for a visit. A science teacher came over to me with his BudLight (GAG) and told me he was a Christian Science teacher. laughed. Then we debated. He said I was trying to trick him when I found an inconsistency in his Arrrgument. Silly man did not know that the FSM trumps his God card.

    naked fedora

  5. yessir says:

    this is a bit retarded, yet has a good point i guess.

  6. Rt. Rev. Penne alla Fiesolana says:

    We of the ‘Church of the Swimming Spaghetti Monster’ believe that you’re views posted here represent blasphemy! It is blasphemy of the greatest proportion to say his high Noodliness ever flew! Surely you will all burn on the fiery stove after you have passed from the great frying pan of life!
    For has it not been written in the great menu of life, that he was indeed of the swimming persuasion! It was indeed written, that the great saucy Noodle, followed by those who followed him, would often walked along the banks of the great river Dolmio, preaching great sermons, and healing the ill, before taking a quick dip!
    I believe his Noodliness once said ‘be tolerant of all others, and respect thy neighbour’, it is with this in mind that I urge all other followers of the one true Spaghetti denomination, to take up knives, forks and even spoons, and declare a holy war against you blasphemous Flying followers! May bolognaise flow freely on the streets!

    Rt. Rev. Penne alla Fiesolana

  7. Uncle Larry says:

    Hey this is great information from the broad of education! Such narrowness of view, such separation of church and state. Heaven (whos?) forbid we think for ourselves. We need to return to the Crusades and go riding around with a bible (anyones) in our pocket searching for the grail (cup, pot, or any other vessel) stabbing all who disbelieve in our book or purpose. Why not study the differences in all religions in a class in public school but not call it SCIENCE. The notion that any human or group of humans has all the answers is absurd.
    AAARG! RAmen!

  8. Emily says:

    I just wanted to say that I don’t think that you are mocking “God,” at all.

    You are merely mocking the human perception of what the concept of “God” stands for, that’s all. That is not a serious offence — at least, I wouldn’t believe it to be. Think about it. It is the worldly “existence” of God that is being mocked here . . .

    Anyway, I’m sure you all already know this. I am just preaching to the choir, so to speak.

    Have a great evening.

    I love this faith and I will check in frequently.

    — EAW

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