Flying Spaghetti Monster – The Game

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677 Responses to “Flying Spaghetti Monster – The Game”

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  1. Ross says:

    What a religion!!!Im no longer Christian :):)!!IM PASTAFARIAN !! I like spaghetti so why not join this amazing religion!!

  2. Drained and Washed Clean says:

    607 – Autumn Tolmacs – Mar 25th, 2010

    We would all technically be living in the same fantasy WORLD (no ‘s’) since we all “believe” in the same “god”. Kind of like the Christians, Muslims, Jews, etc. Now if you would like to include ALL religions in that statement then world would be plural because that would be multiple religions so multiple fantasy worlds. However, just referring to our beliefs would be “fantasy world”. Oh, and everytime I think about someone who has no idea how to correctly use an exclamation point or a question mark, I LMAO too.

    I can assure you, however, that everyone who participates on this website as a Pastafarian has an IQ higher than 75 (which is the level required in order to be considered “retarded” as you so eloquently put it). Seeing as how you enjoy belittling others for their mental intelligence, one can only assume that you are compensating for your own. If you would like to do an all call of degrees and IQ’s I am sure we could oblige. Shall we start with yours?

  3. Sisterwolf says:

    So after reading almost every post here I have decided to make it know that I follow the FSM!! ^_^ People at my school think I’m nuts lawlz. I am so happy He touched me with His noodley appendage.


  4. Diego Ramos says:

    Best Game Ever!!!
    Being a Pastafarian only gets better everyday. Thank Him for His Noodly Appendage.
    Pasta from the Philippines!

    PS: Who is that lowlife who puts a thumbs down on every comment. Seriously, dude. Get a life.

  5. Leslie says:

    I am quite sad….when playing the game, I am able to eat but my noodle has no affect on either the potential converts or the tiny blasphemers. WHY???? (I like the music very much though.)

  6. A Humble Servent Of His Noodley Goodness says:

    Very fun game! :)

    I enjoy it alot, although I wish it was slightly more exciting, like hatemailers throwing hatemails at you and pirates coming to kill them? :p

  7. Raschelle says:

    This just made my day! xD
    I got a good ten, fifteen Pastafarians for His Noodlyness! And that’s only in the GAME! I even converted my Mother!

    Praise to The Noodly One!


  8. Attorney Annalisa Iker says:

    You raise a very thought provoking point. I appreciate how you explained this.

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