Flying Spaghetti Monster – The Game

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fsm - the game

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677 Responses to “Flying Spaghetti Monster – The Game”

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  1. bruceo says:

    yeah–who IS Ryan Butler? and what was your last comment, Ryan? was it naughty?

  2. Pastafarian Brother Damian says:

    Indeed a great game. =)
    We are blessed brothers and sisters, as it is us and only us that know the truth, the FSM is real, I’ve seen him with my own two eyes!
    It happened at college when I was cooking an nice chicken chassuer meal, when suddenly I looked on my shoulder and saw a thin strip of noodle!!!!!!
    Brothers and sisters, the FSM is here! He is here to liberate us with his noodly appendage! Finally we can break our human bonds, and march onwards to the holy war, with pride, with glory… with pasta!!!

    Brothers and sisters, let us pray…

    In the name of Dolmino,
    The meatball,
    and the holy pasta.

    – Pastafarian Brother Damian. (The English pasta loving chef) ;)

  3. Layne says:

    This is by far the greatest game known to all!
    May His Noodleyness touch all.

    Drink up me hearties. Yo ho!

    Layne. :D

  4. nomorepesto says:

    A flying spaghetti monster tells me what to do. He mostly wants me to eat less pesto. I am sorry FSM!
    Please let me atone for their sins, [omitted here because of religious tolerance ] by posting!

  5. Marcina says:

    All hail his noodley goodness, the great Flying Spaghetti Monster…btw I have alot of people addicted to this game lol

  6. Rambo says:

    Darn! I was going to prepare chicken for dinner tonight, but now I want to prepare pasta; lots of pasta; in fact, enough pasta to create both an agnostically perfect meal, AND have enough remaining to create a costume for Halloween!

    Think about it – a thousand noodly appendages, with a couple of great big (meat)balls – the crowd would love it! And it would be a great conversation piece, providing plenty of convert potentials.

    Long live the FSM!!!

  7. Jessica says:

    epic :)

  8. stefan says:

    friends do not respond to nick in such a manner for is it not possible that his message was sent by His noodliness to test us. if you still worship our lord Flying Spaghetti Monster then you will embrace nick as a message straight from the noodles of our lord

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