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  1. Someone says:

    Ok…thats Really degrading and all. I’m a guy…but still, how do women expierince your “heaven.” Not everyone just wants to get some. (Not that I’m among them!) I also don’t get how pirates fit in.
    Nor do I believe this is a true religion, just a played out joke. Please help me understand your “noodly” ways.

    This Person.

  2. Someone says:

    BTW…I’ve actually read more about your religion. You know…some of it makes sense. Amazing what just 5 minuets of reading can do. BUT STILL…please explain the slighty sexist in my opinion “heaven.”
    I do belive most of your religion makes sense. Heck, I might go get this “Gospel of the Flying Spaggheti (spelling?) Monster.”
    A Changed Someone.

  3. gill says:

    Actually, Someone, as a girl I’m cool with the stripper factory concept. (The major reason for that is, there are male strippers involved. Male strippers=happy me)

  4. Someone says:

    ohhhh…wow. Hem…if your Gospel didn’t have so much language in it…I would buy it. I think his noodly appendage has graced me. I think you guys (and gals) are right, Christianity has a creator but we have no obvious proof of him…and hes just a little (sarcastiacally) selfish. He wants me to be perfect…but then lets me sin??? WTF?!
    Noodly ways are SOOOO much better.
    -Another One Touched By His Noodly Appendage-

  5. wwfsmd? says:

    (My parents probaly won’t let me get it…I’m only 13 *tear*)

  6. spider says:

    Whilst it is probably right to do what your parents (the masters of the homely ship) say up to a point, do not be downhearted, firstly you’ve found your way here – and we’ll raise a toast to that with some grog, and secondly you’ve got the gospel to look forward to.
    plus, there’s just as much silliness here as in the gospel

  7. Davey says:

    Shouldn’t that be “Grog Lite” for the 13-year-olds, spider?
    Shiver me parrot, matey!

  8. wwfsmd? says:

    I don’t know how I should tell my family I believe that a Flying Spaghetti Monster created us all and that heaven has a beer valcanoes and a stripper factory. They are mostly Christians and will probaly be upset that I have been converted to Pastafainism.
    Not like I really care what they think. *Laughter*

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