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  1. YarrFysh says:

    Saint, (and other Christians)

    As an ex-protestant, ex-Atheist, ex-born-again-Christian Agnostic, I found Christianity and ID to be as unlikely as FSMism (when I first found this site).

    After hearing Richard Dawkins’s interview and reading the connections with string theory and chaos, my new position on the matter is that FSMism is far MORE likely than Christianity.

    Quite frankly, a theory devised by a Ph.D.-educated Physicist is far more appealing than one passed on by a church with a history of criminal behaviour and self-regulated censorship in a 3000-year-old game of Chinese Whispers.

    Most of the stories in the Christian Gospels, imagery used by the church, and even public holidays were stolen from Egyptian and Pagan religions that predated Christianity in an effort by the early church to convert “heathens”.

    Even the book of Revelations has now been exposed as Anti-Roman POLITICAL propaganda (the “beast” in question being in fact a Roman Governor) as oppose to a religious text, and the recent discovery of the Gospel According To Judas sheds a very different light on the events surrounding the death of Jesus.

    Having felt “the Holy Spirit” myself when I was young, lost and impressionable, then feeling the same feeling again the first time I played live (as a musician of the non-religious variety), I can with all honestly say that I was deluded into thinking that it was the Holy Spirit by the pressure of the churchgoers around me at the time, whereas what I actually experienced was nothing more than an adrenaolin rush brought about by the thought of everything I had ever worried about being meaningless if being watched over by a parental God figure, and the selfish desire for the promise of eternal life after death.

    I now feel a deep sympathy for others who become deluded in the same way that I did, people who are scared and looking for reason in life.

    When it comes down to it, there really is little point to life other than to experience it in all its glory and spread happiness and the truth wherever possible.

    Admittedly, once one decides in one’s own mind to reject the fallacy of God, the world indeed becomes a scary and lonely place, but one of truth not delusion.

    As George Bernard Shaw said, “The fact that a believer is happier than a skeptic is no more to the point than the fact that a drunken man is happier than a sober one.”

  2. mightypiratekalypso says:

    To Saint:
    Actually, I could say the exact same thing you said only about Christianity. Is it a joke?

  3. The Aussie says:

    If it is all the joke of some non pasta-based god, he must have a rather crude sense of humour…

  4. The Aussie says:

    God manifests in Jerusalem
    His first words;
    ” Pull my finger!”
    In other news, gale force winds destroy middle east

  5. SaucyWench says:

    I knew it! I just knew Benevolent Flatulence would be a part of this whole thing. Hey, there’s another good name for a bnad… Benevolent Flatulence. Alright, maybe it’s not a good name for a band. It’s a good name for something, though. I’m sure of it.

  6. Munificent says:

    YarrFysh, you are eloquent. You summarized my feelings completely. Thank you. Christian(s) and all, take heed, and leave informed.

  7. Maxx says:

    First of all, I would just like to say that I love this whole Idea. It’s both funny and functional. I myself am an agnostic. I come from a very strong christian background, but I had an “awakening”. What I do believe though, is that people can do more than we give ourselves credit for. That is exactly why I don’t believe in “bashing” anyone else’s religion. If you are a christian and it works for you, stick with it. I can’t help but think about the movie “The Matrix”, if I were given the option; I would have stayed in the Matrix. I have unfortunately seen the truth, but I won’t do anything to haul other people out of the Matrix. On the flipside, trying to force people into the Matrix is way worse.
    I guess in the end of the day, it all depends on whether you prefer truth or a sense of “purpose”.
    Back to the topic, I’ll need to scout around South Africa to find a bookstore that will be able to source “The Gospel” for me. I can’t wait to read it though, I guess it will just have to replace my copy of “Leadership” by Rudolf Giuliani, as my new coffee table book.
    In closing, it is great to see that there are other like minded people out there.

  8. NoSfeaTuS says:

    Fellow Pastaferians
    May His Noodly Appendage be with you all. I sit before you here to tell you that the growth of New-Age Pirates (NAPs)is grately pleasing His Noodly Grace. The growth of Torrent users, LimeWire Spamers, and Informaion Hackers is pleasing him. The fact that with a mouse click you can download $5,000+ worth of merchandise (such as MCSE certification classes, Recenty release Movies, Anime, Music, etc.) is stimulating his balls. So we can hope for a great temperature decrease in the near future, and we will not stop until it snows in iraq.

    • Pasta Consumer says:

      spammers, hackers or fake certifications pleases him? I guess the devil comes in many shapes, including noodles… sry but im not commenting here to dis/mock, just to point out that your god cant be any good if evil pleases him. Why then does this website ask $25 for an ordinance certificate to become a pasta minister if it can fake it for free, wouldnt that please the FSM more?

      • Cap'n Grey Beard says:


        The christist god had people tortured and burned alive, started holy wars, gave ‘get out of hell free’ cards for huge “donations” to the church. It begs people for money every Sunday, whilst TV ministers sell jebus to idiots who think they can buy their way to their heaven. You can buy priesthoods online and apparently you can then fuck little boys and be protected by the church. The Catlicks helped Nazis escape punishment after WWII and partnered them in ethnic cleansing in the balkans during WWII.

        Is that not a god that enjoys evil?


        • Cap'n Grey Beard says:

          Incidently the ethnic cleansing was not of other religions but of non-catlick christians…

          What a wholesome religion.

        • Pasta Consumer says:

          Cap Grey Beard, I totally agree, but i think you are confusing god with people. its people who decided you can buy you’re way out of sin, not god. its people who decided its ok to burn people alive and rape children, not god. we have no idea what god wants.

          Its easy for me say what god wants and convince millions of idiots, doesnt mean its true.

          So no, it is not god that enjoys evil but people.

        • Cap'n Grey Beard says:

          Well that’s very convenient. When people do good things that’s god’s will but when they do bad things that’s just people.

          I thought the Pope was god’s voice on earth. He ordered the disastrous holy wars. He ordered the assistance to the Nazis. He ordered the genocide of christians in the Balkans. He promotes the spread of HIV in Africa. He promotes homophobia. He oppresses women.

          Are you saying that the Pope ignores god and does evil instead? Because he is only human. Is this your theory?!?

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