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  1. Saint says:

    I hope people aren’t seriously following this religion. I’m a devoted Christian, and I appreciate this as humor, but if people are honestly believing it, it needs to stop.

    It’s not real.

    It’s a funny joke.

    A really funny joke.

    So laugh.

    Don’t believe.

  2. gill says:

    Tell me, Saint: who exactly are you to decide what is ‘real’ religion-wise or not? Or for that matter, what one should believe in or not? (and why can’t one both laugh AND believe?)

  3. Bernhard Kletzenbauer says:

    I am waiting for a translation of the Book in german language.

  4. puffaliaz says:

    Where can I get this in Canada?

  5. SqrlWthANife says:

    Saint, it is good to see you have a sense of humor. But as gill said why can’t we laugh and believe? How do you know “GOD” of Christianity isn’t a damned Flying Spaghetti Monster? Maybe we’re the correct ones and your not. Ever think of it that way? (Yay I just ordered my gospel). RAmen.

  6. whizzo says:

    just ordered my copy… although i already am a true believer, this is a must-have.



  7. djjack says:

    Saint, it’s real alright. I have finally found, after years of searching and then ultimately giving up, an organization in which I wholly belong. Call that crazy, but if there was an actual building with actual services to practice Pastafarianism, I would be there religiously. This would be especially true if, as a follower of the FSM, I could take every Friday off for religious observance. What does “real” mean, anyway? In my reality, the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster exists. Is Scientology real? Whether or not the tenets of the “religion” are real, Scientology clearly exists. That is not to say that I think FSMism and Scientology are equal. They are, to be sure, equally absurd, but at least FSMism is benign and up front about all its beliefs and practices. All this aside, if I walk away from my computer having laughed, especially at myself, that is more benefit than I have ever derived from other belief systems. Unitarian Universalism came very, very close, but I just can’t get it together to actually go to church once a week. That is most definitely not a slam against the UU Church, by the way. The UU Church has my full respect and admiration.

  8. pastaman says:

    finally i got the gospel!(hope that pirate ship gets finished soon…)

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