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  1. Homo narrans says:

    hey, we did win the ashes the other year! we just got utterly trounced at the last year.

  2. Homo narrans says:

    i knew there was a reason i’d given up on british sports.

  3. DutchPastaGuy says:

    Last year ok, yes. When was the last time before that one?

  4. Alchemist says:

    @DutchPastaGuy Jan 18th, 2007 at 9:52 am
    Don’t mention the C word. Please :(. I notice Vaughny’s injured again. Not that it’ll make any difference.

  5. Supman says:

    The C word? And I am new here so email me at [email protected]. We had spagetti for lunch on our school, should I protest?

  6. Supman miko says:

    Darn, i am so board at work my idoit boss keeps forgeting his stuff, is there rituals to keep morons away from your life?

  7. Believer 69 says:

    All Hail The Great One!!! Praise Be!!
    I’m a bit poor this month due to heavy debt, so i prayed to his Noodly Greatness. Allas he blessed me with cheap ramen at the supermarket. I Shall never go hungry again.


    Convert or burn in hell.

  8. Jingles says:

    C word… sounds like a common insect that chirps, somewhat like a grasshopper, refers in this case to agame with bat ball and pitch. In which we Aussies are the undisputed champioooons :p.
    Um, while we appreciate your devotion, the whole convert or die (or lack thereof) is what sets us APART from the religions that may be be inadvertantly denigrated by comparison to the worship of the flying noodley goodness.
    Otherwise, welcome aboard, and grab some spag, booze, wenches (or pirates, we don’t discriminate here) if they’re willing, and join the party.

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