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  1. Navigaotr Spider says:

    @Wench Nikkiee

    There’s more than a few Brits here, i know I’m late today. I’ll chastise myself later…
    not sure the hatemail would be a big seller, funny though!

  2. Bob from England says:

    Thanks for the greetings me ‘earties and wenches. I admit, shamefacedly to having only discovered the FSM through reading Richard Dawkins. The problem is that the Funda mental-ists are so stupid they couldn’t understand Prof Dawkins anyway so how can they claim he’s wrong (even if he hasn’t embraced the FSM openly)? I’ve got a car sticker on the way which will cause some discussion in the car park hopefully. Having been an Atheist since the age of ten it’s nice to have something to believe in again!! Old childish joke; “Why are Pirates called Pirates?” “Because they arrrr…………..”

  3. DutchPastaGuy says:

    Please tell us more about the sticker. Any chance of you putting a preview online for us somewhere? Email it to me if you don’t have an easy facility to put something online. That offer goes for others as well btw, as long as I don’t get flooded by requests to put things on the web.

  4. Bob from England says:

    Available from at £4.95 + p&p. I’m nothing to do with them, not endorsing them and haven’t received it yet so have a look at the website and decide if it’s what you want. Am also getting an FSM lapel pin from “Ring of Fire” in Cal. USA via UPS Global postage so it might arrive by next Holiday! I just googled “Flying Spaghetti Monster” + “Badges” or “Pins”. Unfortunately nobody in UK appears to sell the lapel pins, hence ordering from USA.
    BTW has anybody else noticed that if you type in “christianity” microsoft automatically capitalises the first c and you have to go back and put it into lower case but if you type in FSM in full it leaves it in lower case; religious discrimination against Pastafarians by Bill Gates!! Perhaps we should suggest that he donates the Pirate ship out of his huge profits as a gesture of apology!

  5. JIM says:

    Try using a proper browser like Firefox. It will underline christianity but allows you to add the correct lower case version into the dictionary. FSM can also be added. I just typed all this without any interference or attempts at correction.

  6. OFT says:

    @Wench Nikkiee

    @Bob from England
    Hi Bob and welcome. I’m an Aussie so I’ll try not to mention cricket to you OK :)

    Ooh, that’s nasty…

  7. JIM says:

    I’m also English. What is cricket?

  8. DutchPastaGuy says:

    Cricket-related joke:
    A man is stopped for a alcohol check and is asked to breathe into the machine. He pulls out a note from his doctor, saying ‘This man suffers from astma, please don’t make him breathe through a tube’. ‘No matter’ says the policeman ‘we’ll just take a blood sample instead’. The man pulls out another docters note saying ‘This man is a hemofeliac, please don’t punture any of his veins as he may blead to death’.’Ok’ says the police man, ‘you’ll take your urine sample then’. The man pulls out another note, from his coach, saying ‘This man is member of the England cricket team. Please don’t take the piss out of him!’.

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