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  1. Beastly Rich says:

    his meatballs may be everywhere, as he is omnipotent.

  2. Captain Noodulous Silicate TBHNA says:

    No Beastly, although that is true it is not the reason that they have haven’t come back.
    Do you want to try again?

  3. Beastly Rich says:

    I was speaking about Captain Noodulous Silicate TBHNA Jan 8th, 2007 at 4:17 pm
    I suspect they haven’t come back is because they’re still looking for the graph.

  4. Captain Noodulous Silicate TBHNA says:

    YEAH! Come back when you’ve found the graphs in the bible!
    i.e. NEVER!

  5. C says:

    if any of you are honestly serious, may God help you.

  6. Jingles says:

    He already has… in his noodely wisdom, he showed us the true faith.
    RAmen and pass the parmesan!

  7. Captain Noodulous Silicate TBHNA says:


    We are absolutely serious.
    It is far more likely that the world was made by the flying spaghetti monster (long may his noodles extend) in around 2 seconds than by God in 7 days.

    The world is far more consistent with the FSM model than Christian doctrine.
    You only have to look around to see God can’t be as on the ball as most Christians would have us believe. Daniel (in these threads, not the Bible guy) chooses to ignore the manifest faults with the Christian story.
    We might have flimsy moral standards but we’ve got too much intellectual integrity to hold such a flimsy position.

  8. Beastly Rich says:

    Oh I’m 100% totally and utterly serious and sincere in my beliefs and the flying spaghetti monster helps me all the time!

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