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  1. Wench Nikky says:

    Welcome to His Noodley embrace, TsukinoKage and the Ninja In Us All(NIUA).
    @Peter Popoff
    “are you guys really invisible?”
    If so Peter, invisibility come in very handy for a pirate.

  2. pigboy henderson (watch, second shift) says:

    Arrr, Jules, rest ya head my lad – the strippers (male and female) up in heaven are robots and therefore already objects. I love objects. I have a TV object and I watch it a lot. I really enjoy it and it doesn’t seem to mind at all. My computer object is my second favorite.

    Mmmmm, objects. :)

    As for beer: I would argue that beer is one of the myriad things in the world that can damage your body. Along with cars, cigarettes, oxygen, and the ubiquitous forward movement of time itself it seems that simply living is the most damaging thing for your body.

    It sure seems to kills a lot of people.

    And the reason families break up is that they get narky with each other after a while. Gee, I know heaps of divorcees who are not alcoholics. They’re just unlucky/adventurous/aware of the terrible waste of time getting increasingly bored with the one person is.

    There are a lot of so-called diseases. People used to think homosexuality was one – many people still do. But a doctor didn’t tell them about it – a priest did. So much for sourcing your material, eh? Is it surprising that psychiatry decided that the set of awful life hassles and the almost inevitable mental disruption caused by excessive alcohol consumption could be something they could treat (read: drum up clients)? Maybe it’s better treated as a disease despite the fact it is more often a choice. What psychological pain that leads one to drink irresponsibly is a better focus. Get rid of the pain and the numbing behaviour begins to vanish? It’s a thought.

    We could say something similar about the god neurosis – disease or choice. What underlies the choice? What are the conditions and perspectives of the “afflicted”?

    On the other hand, meh! We have FSM and all his noodly goodnesses.

    Let the heathen boil themselves dry and let their sauces become hard and kinda yukky and saltyish with half the meat forming a horrid solid mass at the bottom of the saucepan.

    We watched the pot; we added the dessert spoon of brown sugar to counteract the acidity of the tomatoes; we went halfway across town to find prosciutto and we picked the fresh herbs…

    One day, they will smell what we’re talking about. And then they shall come.


    pigboy henderson ;) – get some pork on ya fork!

  3. monkeywrenchof"evolution" says:

    this is really boggus and attempting to place Christianity on the same level is extremely shameless as well as disrespectful(to Christianity not the fiction you just made up within the past few years). so far i have not seen any evidence for your proposition of a FSM. opinions do not equal evidence.

  4. Booty says:

    Our point exactly – well done – give yourself a gold star!
    Now go and read what evidence there is for evolution versus what evidence there isn’t for intelligent design.

  5. Peter Popoff says:

    Thanks for that, Militant Atheist.
    Don’t worry, we won’t pray for you.

  6. Captain Noodulous Silicate TBHNA says:

    @monkeywrenchof”evolution” Jan 7th, 2007 at 2:09 pm RE:

    so far i have not seen any evidence

    You obviously haven’t read the open letter.
    We’ve got graphs and everything and Bobby has loads more evidence that he hasn’t released yet because the world isn’t ready to understand it all yet.
    I haven’t read the bible, but I do know it hasn’t even got any pie charts in it!
    I mean how are you going to covince people of things without some graphs and pie charts?
    Loads of evidence (and common sense) contradicts the Bible.
    Although some evidence contradicts our Gospel those sections were inserted to test us and when you find one you are being touched by his noodley appendage.
    So if you find any mistakes that only goes to prove that he exists.
    Go figure on that Man-Nailed-To-A-Cross-A-Bit-Harsh-But-He-Did-Go-On-A-Bit-I-This-Seriously-Holier-Than-Thou-Tone-That-Really-Got-On-Our-Nerves-If-You-Know-What-I-Mean-BOY.


  7. anonymous says:

    yarg, ye who hath called question to the most holy and noodly one’s devine existance are right to question and think with the mass of brain so kindly given to ye…but before so doing, be not so fool harty and self assumedly correct as ye may be much mistaken, and should the case be as such, thy sauces will be bitter, thy meatballs hard, beer flat, and your stripper bots malfunctioned. You might also be turned into a penguin and put on antartica.

    You, most silly monkeywrenchof”evolution” seem to think just because christianity is old and pastafaranism is young that the prior is correct and the latter wrong. Well, old people are old but they are often wrong, and young people can be right, so your logic holds no sauce. May ye be touched by his noodly appendage, ramen!

  8. Beastly Rich says:

    @monkeywrenchof”evolution” Jan 7th, 2007 at 2:09 pm The FSM has been around scince the dawn of time, it’s Christianity that’s the fiction just made up within the past few years
    “o far i have not seen any evidence for your proposition of a FSM” So where is this evidence for christanity prey tell?

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