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  1. Wench Nikky says:

    Good plan TiJim

  2. true beleiver says:

    people should read the sight before posting the noodly appendage is what makes people beleive if you are a pastafarian you hasve been touched by the appendage and if the thing about temp as you call it is against Him and global warming i`ll have you need he changes the results of global temp and more pirates coming from the site could lower the temp too!

    smarter than you
    Sep 20th, 2006 at 7:37 pm
    so yeah someone told me about this book. needless to say shes atheist and was before she read this book. but anyways i want to read it. wth is up with the noodly appendage. please tell meh!

    8 smarter than you
    Sep 20th, 2006 at 7:40 pm
    the temp did slightly fall on tuesday. yall musta done a good job cuz it dropped even more wednesday.

  3. true beleiver says:

    umm man was made in christain god image if what your saying is true so we might be made in the image of the FSM and the FSM made the world in one day.

    Oct 4th, 2006 at 1:52 pm
    Saint, it is good to see you have a sense of humor. But as gill said why can’t we laugh and believe? How do you know “GOD” of Christianity isn’t a damned Flying Spaghetti Monster? Maybe we’re the correct ones and your not. Ever think of it that way? (Yay I just ordered my gospel). RAmen.

  4. I Beleive! says:

    I got a Barnes and Noble gift card for christmas.
    I know what I’m buying.
    This is the only book I will ever need.

  5. Mad John Kidd says:

    Welcome aboard, matey! May you be forever touched by His Noodly Appendage!



  6. TsukinoKage says:

    The Ninja In Us All(NIUA) would formerly like to admit that we are abandoning Bhuddism and joining hands with our Pastafarian brothers. Whoever said Ninja and Pirates cannot be friends? When touched by His Noddley Appendage, anything is possible. May His Noodley Appendage touch you all, and all of us as well.

  7. TsukinoKage says:

    And, we of course, regret that we misspelled Noodley*, and will so forth use one of His most gracious inventions, Spell-Check, from now on.

  8. Peter Popoff says:

    Welcome aboard matey!
    I never knowed a real ninja before, are you guys really invisible?

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