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  1. Molly says:

    I love your convoluted logic. Good on ya, mate.

  2. Comrade Schlichting says:

    Very well thought-out. Thank His Noodliness that the Prophet mentioned us and that we have come to the fore.

  3. andy taylor says:

    Why does religous fervence rise with desparete times, or even the perception of desperation? i cannott answer this, or the question regarding schools adopting religous dogma as science, and excluding science to protect dogma. While the spag. monster is funny, to some, it is still what it is, and that is a jab at people who would sacrifice scienctific understanding to better protect their childrens ongoing indoctrination.. As americans they do have the right to behave in a dysfunctional or even obtuse manor, and under the banner of “my religion,” or “my childrens soul” a group of motivated parents can turn any curriculum on its head. BUT THIS IS NOT THE SAD FACT WE SHOULD BE CONCERNED WITH! The realization i (as a 42 y/o college student) have made is social acceptance and wealth gain is all that really matters to a student, the search for knowledge is of less importance. These kids who learn about intelligent design will ignore it the same way they ignored evolution, they will still pass, they will still get into college. They will only do well enough to get the job that satisfys their needs, they will dream of more, but few will bother trying to achieve it. Flying spag monster is a cute mockery of a disgusting development that we are all to blame for… if you want less blame in this matter …dont watch tv, dont consume frivolous goods and services just for pleasure, get a job you love even if the pay sucks, and above all else…. make teachers a high priority in our American social strata and only allow the best of the best minds to teach evolution, intellegent design or spag. monsters….. the choice is still ours…. and public schools fail at a hell of a lot more than just science.

    • TheFewTheProudTheMarinara says:

      “Why does religous fervence rise with desparete times, or even the perception of desperation?”

      Perhaps because people realize they’ll have a hard time achieving success in this life, so they comfort themselves by believing they’ll get the ultimate reward in the next.
      My question is to what extent are the powers-that-be placating them by dangling this carrot?

      • Keith says:

        I’ve said it before and I’ve seen nothing to contradict my observations. When an area becomes economically and socially depressed new chuches appear: usually evangelical ones. As TFTPTM points out, people will grab on to an alternative form of hope out of desperation. Sometimes it works for them but at the expence of coping with reality.

        • DVDA says:

          It appeals to people’s instinctive sense of fairness by telling them that everything will be ok in the next life even if in reality they’re living in the gutter while others have everything. Look up ‘The Evolutionary Arms Race’ for an explanation about how our sense of fairness in society evolved, It’s too complicated to go into here and I don’t have the procrastination power to put off my studying for that long while I explain it.

  4. Matthew Biddle says:

    The letter to the Kansas State School Board is true. But you spelled “earth” instead of “Earth”. I am a Geographer and it is supposed to be capitalised when you talk of planet Earth.

    But the piece was written well!

    Dr. Matthew Biddle
    Norman, Oklahoma, USA

    • English Teacher says:

      Matthew, if you are going to get pedantic, then so can I; the word ‘but’ should not be used to start a sentence but to join two. See what I did there? Try this: ‘The letter to the Kansas State School Board is true, but you spelled “earth” instead of “Earth”’. or ‘The letter to the Kansas State School Board is true. However you spelled “earth” instead of “Earth”’. Looking at a map during English lessons I suspect; naughty boy, go stand in the corner. :-)


  5. Benjamin McGinn says:

    This is a brilliant letter, and i 100% support this religion as it is just as likely as christianity or any other religion. I think that it is wrong for the school board to overlook the teaching of evolution just so that religion can continue to avoid the overhelming evidence against them, at least science is open to the idea that it could be incorrect and therefore welcomes it as it would bring infinate possibilities, where as religion would hide from it.
    I live in England so we have never faced this issue with education as religion is pretty much seperate from education in our days (Other than being taught about them)

    Very well done my friend.

    Benjamin McGinn

  6. Eric says:

    Jesus fucking christ that was FUNNY! I’m now a convert!

  7. Christian Haerle says:

    I find the data substantiating the inverses relationship between the number of pirates and global temperatures to be very persuasive. Very thought provoking to say the least. It occurs to me that if the USA and other nations would cease and desist from patrolling the coast of Somalia in order to capture and/or kill priates, the number of pirates would increase, and hence global temperatures would decline. In other words, we could solve the global warming problem AND, AT THE SAME TIME, reduce military expenditures for “anti-pirate” activities.

    Christian Haerle

  8. Steve ONeill says:

    I came across the letter and The FSM in the Richard Dawkins book:The God Delusion. This is great stuff! I am now and enthusiastic member / supporter of the church. Gilbert & Sullivan wrote an opera in the 1800’s-The Pirates of Penzance.
    Suggest it goes on the list of material in favor of the church. Douglas Adams comes to mind in his book-The Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe. You find a religion based on the human nose and a great sneeze. Ah-Choo.. Keep up the good work..this is all a breath of fresh air !!

    • Keith says:

      I would say that the Jatravartids share one thing in common with the FSM in that they have a great many arms. Perhaps the Great Green Arkelseizure was one of His/Her/Its many manifestations.

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