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  1. Olio says:

    Could you please explain all four elements of this drawing? Thank you.

  2. Bob says:

    I only actually read the first few lines and then I got bored.
    The opposite of love is hate. This is pretty obvious. Apathy is defined as a lack of emotion/motivation, so its opposite would be a word that meant a large amount of emotion or determination, like passionate.
    The definition of love, along with our use of it, doesn’t center around the amount of emotion like apathy does. It specifies which emotion and all the feelings that come with love (joy, happiness etc.)

    • Dave says:

      Try again.

      It’s a quantifiable amount of that specific emotion/feeling.

      For example the scale may go: apathy, don’t mind it, it’s ok, it’s nice, I like it, I love it.

      It’s impossible for something to be so unbeleaveably alright that you couldn’t live without it, in he same way it’s impossible to love something so little that it wouldn’t bother you to loose this.

      Love and hate are the strongest of emotions, which is one reason they are so easily confused during arguments, you care so much that it makes a huge difference what the outcome is.

      The opposite of either is apathy, of course critical though and rejection of dogma help the old grey matter figure this one out as you don’t have the premeditation that some things are evil, and you must hate them, and that hating things is good if it’s ‘right’

  3. Jesus LOVES You! says:

    What?……. this is really stupid!!!! NO OFFENSE. It just makes me sad that people are so lost they go to a flying spaghetti monster! Y’all should really read the Bible! Jesus loves all of y’all so much, he DIED FOR YOU!! (and suffered!) Its kinda like.. Okay. Let’s use an example. Say I have 2 children and a loving wife. A murderer breaks into my house, kills my wife and 1st born child. Say on trial, I say, “Okay. I give my son to die for you so that YOU, a MURDERER, SINNER, can be free, and not go to jail.(in this case, hell.) Just because I love you.” That’s what Jesus does! He loves y’all sooo much, HE GAVE HIS SON SO YOU, A SINNER, MAY BE WITH THE FATHER. FOR ETERNITY. Ever been burned? Try dealing with that, all over your body, for ETERNITY! Yeah, its tough following Christ. But not impossible. The world throws you curve balls, but Jesus helps you dodge them. I can’t wait til I die!!! Can you say the same?
    Jesus Loves You!:)

    • Reverend Captain Mal says:

      Alright then, I’m just going to throw this out there for all the people who are too stupid to see irony staring them in the face. We don’t actually believe a flying spaghetti monster is the lord of all creation. Pastafarianism is a joke made up to prove a point. That point, you may ask, is that even something as ridiculous as floating pasta has just as much credibility as ANY other religion, including christianity. Just as there is NO proof whatsoever that the FSM created the universe and watches over us, there is also no proof at all to support any other religious claims.

      That said, you would be hard pressed to find a regular contributer here who has NOT read the bible. I have read it many times, cover to cover, and I have spent a large portion of my life picking out inconsistencies and outright contradictions. In fact, I can guarantee you I know more about your bible than you do. While we’re on that subject, have you read the bible? I mean have you really read it? Not just certain passages but the whole thing in one go. The Harry Potter series is more based in fact.

      • Olio says:

        Any time our family happened to be traveling and spent the night in a motel or hotel, there was usually one in the bedside stand. Someone had torn out pages from at least one.

        I’ve had people quote passages to me directly in situations I would not have expected, and been exposed in popular culture to some materials, including in the film ‘Pulp Fiction’ (there is a ratings system on films for containing pervasive obscene language, sexually connotated scenes and violence, but nothing signifying religiously oriented materials so it is not as if anyone could know what are about to be exposed to). I’ve been shown elaborate tattoos with bible quotes printed directly on the skin of the person showing me their artwork. As well have seen art work with biblical themes incorporated into the pieces. I know one artist whom was asked to take down art from display because of having the word Jesus in the title (it was probably the least offensive art I have seen, did not seem to be attempting offense and was mainly due to the title with reference to Jesus. There was a crown of branches on the head of the subject in a photograph. The person was fully clothed. The title seemed apt. It was not seeming to attempt any statement for nor against religion, but attendants complained until the piece was taken down off the wall. What I find strange about this is that those complaining about the art would have no idea if the person creating it believed in the title subject themselves).

        Among other more obvious places, where one might expect to have such things shared, some other less obvious places also.

        In some watchtower materials left at our place some time ago, there were some quotes from Ecclesiastes about how the dead are simply dead and cannot exert any influence upon the living, which could be a contradiction in things cited elsewhere about eternal life, but not sure. There is a picture of a bird on the arm of one person on the one pamphlet and birds sing, but the people delivering the messages to the door asked us to turn off our music (after asking to come inside) and there is no listening to music permitted although I have not ever attempted to sort out or seek contrary items, nor am I interested to do so. People have attempted to get me to read more of the bible which assumes I have not read it at all. Someone was sending tracts anonymously to our house through the mail in form of comic strips in little booklets describing hell, each contained different sin scenarios. An idea pamphlet, as would not have considered half of what was noted in those, I was a kid. These were similar to the ones left in public places years later in public phone booths, handed out by people on the sidewalk, left in bathroom stalls occasionally various places (very captive audiences).

        It would seem near impossible to not be exposed to biblical verse if you set foot in a house of worship or not.

      • Corey says:

        It’s this selfish and stubborn attitude that leads your confusion and keeps you lost. It’s obvious, if you honestly read the Bible, that you choose to ignore and deny the evidence put in your face. Man is born with free will to either accept our reject God. We can see your standing and how you desperately want more in order to change your decision. You seek for it but aren’t satisfied from the questions you present. I feel sorry for you and pray you will realize what overpowers your beliefs amongst the other nonbelievers. As long as you stay close minded you’ll never get the satisfaction you crave. Try reading ‘the magic man in the sky’. It’s full of powerful information. Could help you clear your confusion. Apparently it takes some peoplea bit longer to get the message ofexe biblical worldview. It’s never been forced upon us and among religions all

        • Reverend Captain Mal says:

          Corey, you apparently have no idea what the word “evidence” means. I haven’t been presented with any evidence concerning the truth of your bible or the existence of god. Perhaps when there is some, I will grant a little more clemency to believers who spout their idiocy at me as if I care.

        • TheFewTheProudTheMarinara says:

          Here is the “evidence” that I’ve found in the BuyBull.
          The main character of the Old Testament, Yahweh, is about the surliest monster ever devised. For a whim he turns his biggest devotee’s (Lot’s) life into a living hell and kills off his family. Supposedly he kills off 9999% of life on earth and condones rape, genocide and slavery. Other major characters like Noah and Moses never existed, because the events defining their lives – the Great Flood and Exodus – never happened.
          The main character of the New Testament is an amalgamation of time-worn fables, Jesus. Again, events like the Slaughter of the Innocents are dismissed by serious archaeologists. I have seen a list of 41 historians living in Judea at the supposed time of Jesus, and the man born of a virgin, who schooled the elders, preached to thousands, performed miracles – even raising the dead – died a horrible death and returned from the dead never got ONE WORD from them. Meanwhile, small time criminals got whole articles. So either Jesus was small potatoes or a complete fabrication.

      • Corey says:

        It’s this selfish and stubborn attitude that leads your confusion and keeps you lost. It’s obvious, if you honestly read the Bible, that you choose to ignore and deny the evidence put in your face. Man is born with freewill to either accept our reject God. We can see your standing and how you desperately want more in order to change your decision. You seek for it but aren’t satisfied from the questions you present. I feel sorry for you and pray you will realize what overpowers your beliefs amongst the other nonbelievers. As long as you stay close minded you’ll never get the satisfaction you crave. Try reading ‘the magic man in the sky’. It’s full of powerful information. Could help you clear your confusion. Apparently it takes some people a bit longer to get the message of biblical worldview. It’s never been forced upon us. Overcome the evil that sways you. Where there is lack of good, evil fills the void. the Bible has always been there and always living. What other book can say that? It’s never been a theory, those who question it like to add words so that they make sense. Just stop with the nonsense. The secular worldview makes no sense no matter how it’s put and the outcome is ridiculous. Who would not want to believe in an afterlife of perfection? And it’s so sad that people reject God when all he asks is to believe in him through Jesus Christ. By the way of all religions, this is the only one that God comes to us rather than us praying and going to other gods.

        • TiltedHorizon says:

          Ah yes, the “you did not understand the bible correctly” argument. Never heard that one before. Tell you what, which interpretation is correct? (yours of course) There are a myriad, which is why Christianity is nothing more than an umbrella term encompassing thousands of denominations, each as certain as you that they alone understand the truth of the bible. Feel free to tell me about yours, I’ll add it to the top of “correct interpretation” pile, which I can reach via elevator.

        • Omnipotent Zombie says:

          Also, how much leeway is given when interpreting the Bible? Can you only interpret it literally or are you given a certain amount of flexibility when interpreting the Bible? If so, how much? It’s not like the Bible is crystal clear or without its vaguerie.

        • Drained and Washed Clean says:

          Which satisfaction am I craving exactly? I have worked for everything that I have, and I am satisfied with the life I am leading because I am creating my own path and making my own decisions. Seems your satisfaction comes from an invisible man in the sky who makes you not feel bad about all the bad things you’ve done and gives you an excuse for your screw ups.

          And I do appreciate how you can state unequivocally that your religion is the correct one and the only one your imaginary friend listens to. Where did you glean that tidbit of information?

    • Keith says:

      I can’t wait to die either. It will release me from the presence of people who say “y’all” and “Jesus this & Jesus that”. Anyway, I think this is a fake. I can’t accept that people write “y’all” any more than I can accept that Jack the Ripper wrote “Ha ha ha!” in his diaries.

      • Reverend Captain Mal says:

        Being born and raised in Texas, I both say and write “y’all” sometimes. Seeing as how it is a contraction of “you all”, as long as it is used that way, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Thanks for implying that everyone who uses “y’all” is an idiot and a religious nutbag though.

        • Olio says:

          But, do you write ‘ha ha ha’ in your diary? Maybe where he comes from nobody is overheard saying that. Or spotted writing it. Is there anything left to pick apart after this topic is kicked? It seems not.

      • Drained and Washed Clean says:

        Being from Georgia, I, too, am a big user of “y’all. Standing with Rev. Mal on this one.

    • TiltedHorizon says:

      “The world throws you curve balls, but Jesus helps you dodge them.”

      What?……. this is really stupid!!!! NO OFFENSE. It just makes me sad that people are so lost they go to a zombie on a stick. Its kinda like. Okay. Let’s use an example. Say a mob styled protection racket, you as the “god” in this mob wants to get the word out of your own existence. How better than to create a danger, using threats of violence, destruction, and fear THEN offer everyone a service of protection from you if they “pay” with allegiance.

      • Corey says:

        This is such a typical response from nonbelievers adding words irrelevant to what they want to justify that it goes off topic in attempt to refute the believer. Just stop with the nonsense. What’s your answer on life? and I’ll try not to laugh at what you were lead to believe. Come on, come at me bro.

        • TiltedHorizon says:

          Considering I modeled the entire post on the comment made by “Jesus LOVES You!”, I find it hilarious that you find mine “typical” but remain silent on the original post. Bias much?

    • Call me Santa says:

      Dear J, why is it such a concern that others believe differently than you? Please, don’t worry about us – the FSM died for OUR sins of fact finding. Our Prophet wishes no harm to your prophet nor to you. I can’t speak for the other FSM members, but I can’t wait for you to die either (so you may be with your maker – in ever peaceful harmony).

      Glory be to Carbs,

    • Drained and Washed Clean says:

      You did mean to offend. Stop being a pansy and own it. A god who couldn’t find any other way other than murder to “save” people isn’t very caring, loving, or setting a good example to all you nitwits.

      And saying that you can’t wait to die just proves our point that xtians value their afterlife more than this one. Your only one. I would like to hold the dying part off as long as possible. Not because I am afraid of your threats of firepits and torture but because I want to draw this out as long as possible. I love this life, and I would not give it up for the fairy tale of an afterlife.

      PS – Threatening us with a place that doesn’t exist doesn’t really do much other than to make us think you are enjoying the thought of you being right and knowing that we will suffer for eternity because we don’t agree with you. Really makes you look like an asshole (offense totally intended).

      • TheFewTheProudTheMarinara says:

        I had a Catholic education, but luckily for me even the nuns told us not to take everything in the Buybull literally; much of it are parables – lessons with a message. One thing I heard was that the real torment in Hell was not being in the presence of god. I can handle that, seeing as how I don’t ever feel his presence now.

    • Bishop Bob of Linguine says:

      Geebis Loves You- May the great Pasta punish you for all eternity- you pasta-damn heretic. The MONSTER BOILED for you Pasta Damn it! He boiled to save you from your sins- and indeed you have many sins. May the Monster- sauce be upon him- the great- the benificient the giver of life ad takerer of death be blessed for all eternity. May he smite and smote you with his noodleley appendage and cast your soul into a cauldron of boiling Marinara- with NO CHEESE.
      Oh Pasta- a fate worse than a thousand deaths is in store for the infidels- the non believers- the effluent of the Pastafarian smegma pool. May the balls be upon us all————-RaMen

  4. Merc says:

    I knew FSM was used as a substitute word for God, but I didn’t know somebody went to these great lengths to organize a religion in the name of the FSM. I think it’s genius, and I can’t believe how much evidence there is to support such a God.

    Really though- somebody ought to write the Bible for the FSM, in actual verses. The farther this goes the more that realize ridiculousness.

    People should put their faith into science. Science is, after all, the collection of data organized into arguments that point to certain conclusions. Stargazing was thought of as a black magic long ago, but due to the great scientists who dedicate their lives into the “faith” of science, it became a real category of science, astronomy. The same happened with mad, deluded alchemists, who can be known as treasures to society, chemists. As long as we, the scientists continue to pour labor into science, it will continue to turn up more-than-probably-true conclusions.

  5. CRL says:

    The last ichthyosaurus, by which the genus disappears in chalk, is hardly distinguishable specifically from the first ichthyosaurus, which abruptly introduces that strange form of sea-lizard in the Lias. The oldest Pterodactyl is as thorough and complete a one as the latest. – Richard Owen.

    It is one of the great myths of 20th century biology that pre-evolutionary biologists who held nature to be fundamentally a discontinuum of isolated and unique types unbridged by transitional varieties, were overly influenced by religious belief.

  6. unWASHEdWalmaRtthONG says:

    I recently read that an ancient volume, a leathern text, really, has been unearthed in Northern India. According to early reports, it appears to be dedicated to various ways in which the Faithful can reproduce. I think they are calling it the Pasta Sutra. Do you have any more information regarding this mysterious Pasta Sutra? I would mostly be interested in picutres & whether the participants are drinking beer after the recreational activities.
    Thank you

  7. A Concererned Noodle Eater says:

    Is it a bad thing if I eat his Holyness’s relatives? because they’re delicious.

    • Slip Mahoney says:

      No it’s good. Ask Keith Richards, who snorted his father’s ashes. Or Tom Robbins, who refers to holy communion as “swallow the leader.”

  8. Amanda C says:

    Thank you for creating this letter! So genuinely humourous and SO TRUE. I am high school student in Missouri and I was Dissappointed with the way my biology teacher covered this subject. Let everyone think for themselves and they will be content! This is supposed to be a free country. It just amazes me how people will stop at nothing to endlessly justify their belief of magical gods in the sky with diamonds…and what amazes me more is why more people don’t think logically like you and me

    • TiltedHorizon says:

      Welcome Amanda. You have done better than most, you have figured out that what is being taught quality, now you are free to set the standards. The only way to get better as a society is to raise the bar and this starts by empowering individuals to think for themselves.

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