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  1. Rere says:

    ha ha! again ya’ll crazy! haha!

  2. Marcos says:

    I completely understand what your trying to do i love your reply to “your are going to a special plase in hell” i had a similar encounter i am catholic one day i went with my grandma to her christian church and they told me that “alot of catholics a re going to hell we can save you just convert to christianity” i replied “well aperently christians are going to hell to cause how else would you know their are so many catholics in hell” people who are actually offended by the FLYING SPAGUETY monster are ignorant and are completly missing the point of your “religion”

    • Lesby says:

      This is so legit.

    • Wemzem says:

      i like ur style :)

    • HitBear says:

      ….erm, Catholics are Christians already…….

  3. Wemzem says:

    TROL LOL LOL, first of all i have to say is lol, :) your religion sounds great. I appluad your ability to calmy write such a letter to the school board. but on a serious side, who ever heard of a church that sold merchandise, i get buying a cross and everything for the christians, because for them they have a reason, but shirts? Rofl, but dosen’t it affect you when you eat pasta and spaghetti? and are there any lesser gods, such is the flying raviolli monster? Sorry, i only skimmed the first paragraoh of your letter. LOL ^.^

    • Drained and Washed Clean says:

      How many “WWJD” t-shirts, or fish shirts, or fish decals for the back of the car, or bumper stickers, or specially engraved books, or hats, or art… You are seriously criticizing OUR t-shirts? We have a reason. To keep people like you, who obviously have no concept of free speech or freedom of religion means, from indoctrinating young children with faux science.

      PS – We are monotheistic, not polytheistic.

    • theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

      Where have you been? I entered “christian store” in and got lots of postings back – Catholic Supply, Bible Bookstore, Family Christian store, etc., etc.

  4. Wemzem says:

    what about a church of the smurfs?

    • HitBear says:

      Smurfs are just midgets left out in the cold too long. As such CFSM alredy encompasses them making a seprate church (or sect) redundant.

      Besides we have no sects in the CFSM. Famous for it in face.

      • Wee Tom says:

        Hey, I get plenty of sects! Arrr!

  5. Leroye says:

    I strongly advocate a spaghettisade mainly against those nations,that misuse noodles for everyday wordly purposes,like China and Italy are the main culprits.
    We have to insist,that an insufficiant whoreshipping of our belovedFSM is the source of all evil in the world.
    The spaghettisade should be carried out by destroing all the noodle-making devices in those monsterless nations.

  6. James Power says:

    The most peaceful religion on earth,all praise to FSM and His dangling bits.

  7. steve says:

    i have been searching for some time for my spiritual home…..i think i have at last found it…….life is a dance…at least try and make it funky

  8. Lili Love Zwingli (Zoei Belle Kelley) says:


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