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  1. Buck Woody says:

    Aren’t there more pirates now than ever? Or do you mean the “Arrrrr” ones….

    No opinion either way, just wondering about the chart. I do like the fishbones though. Nice graphics.

    • Keith says:

      We mean the “Arrr” ones. They are true pirates.

  2. Mike says:

    I claim bogus pirate statistics. The cast of Pirates of the Caribbean numbers at least 20.

  3. Danyl says:

    I love your views on religion. As time gos I hope our religion expands and other religions will learn to be less corrupt. What I am saying is that relgion should either be viewed as a sort of moral code, or of true belief. Now most religions have completly turned from what used to be a community that tried to get things done correctly, to now what seems to be just a way to try and earn money. Anyway, we will see soon.
    Thanks, Daniel.

  4. Dave says:

    As evidence for global warming has come into question over the past few years, it has been accompanied by a corresponding increase in high-seas piracy.

    Coincidence? I think not.

  5. Guillible asian says:

    This is amazing, I will attempt to persuade my professor to teach about this.

  6. Luke says:

    HaHa I heard alot about Pastafariansim for a while. After hitting up the Unclyclopedia page (best enclyclopedia ever) and coming here, I have to say I am a convert!

  7. Monecha Kaye says:

    You know, I’m only one comment in a sea of thousands probably… I simply wanted to point out one flaw in your satire… Intelligent Design doesn’t necessarily teach a Christian view… that is, that the Christian God crated the universe… It teaches that “a” god created it… be it that god be Christian, Muslim, Hindu, etc…
    In other words, you went to all this trouble to satire religions, but there’s no point in it. Your theory is as valid a point as the Christian viewpoint in the teaching of ID… If anything, this satire would aid people in teaching it MORE… Insomuch that the realization to stay objective in an otherwise completely subjective topic will show advocates that ID could still be taught.
    If this is still confusing, I apologize… My main point is that your satire is pointing out the ridiculous of (mainly) Christianity, yet they never claimed to be teaching the Christian version of ID in the first place…

    • wulff says:

      Sorry, you missed the point. This site, despite what the trolls and hate-mailers would have you think, does NOT single out x-tianity. This site is specifically dedicated to the principle of either keeping ANY religious theory out of the science class, or giving equal time to any and all creation theories regardless of how absurd they may be. The reason x-tians seem to feel persecuted by us is that they tend to be the ones causing the problems in the first place. I guarantee you that if a group of Vikings went before the Kansas School Board asking that their creation story be taught alongside evolutionary theory, they would have been laughed out of the building by the x-tians on the board.

      • Andre says:

        ^^ Thank you for being intelligent.

      • Melting Brains says:

        @Monecha Kaye: Go back to the letter you have posted a comment for. Search the page for the word Christian or Christianity. Seriously, do it. You will find that it is nowhere mentioned. And that’s just typical of Christians in general. They feel offended or feel the need to defend their views even when they are not referenced AT ALL. Get it out of your system dude… you’ll enjoy life so much more!

      • midnight rider says:

        I dunno, Vikings are pretty badass. :)

    • TiltedHorizon says:

      It does not matter if the label ‘god’ covers various denominations, any theory which cannot be questioned or avoids scrutiny is not science and should not be taught as such.

    • The Reverend Toni Rigatoni says:

      Monecha Kaye, I have to support the replies to your post from wulff and Melting Brains, neither this site nor the True Pastafarians that inhabit this site are picking on christians or indeed any other religious group specifically. You are correct in your evaluation of Pastafarianism as being as valid a theory of ID as any other, and that’s what it’s all about and exists to reflect the absurdity of ID and to do our best to keep it out of science classes, not as you say to mock religions (although it may be a diversion to mock the religious fools that believe that it is a valid argument against, or alternative to, evolution). As for your claims that ID is not a christian teaching, it IS a christian concept. As far as I’m aware no muslim or hindu societies have found the need to introduce ID into science classes in order to get their message across. Where the monster known as ID has raised it’s ugly head is in the heavily christian USA, specifically in areas of very high density fundamentalism. Those same fundamentalist christians that support ID will scream intolarance to their faith if they are taken to task over the ID farce (read some more threads if you don’t believe me, especially the responses to the original letter sent to the Kansas School Board by the prophet Bobby, sauce be with him). If the very instigators and supporters of ID as science see attacks on ID as attacks on their faith, little more needs to be said about what god is being proposed, QED. Monecha, I’m a little sceptical about whether you really belive what you have said or whether you are just putting up a rear guard but we are not convinced, certainly not by your argument as well presented as it was. It was nice though, having something to think about (for about a nanosecond) and to respond to that didn’t amount to little more than abuse and threats of hellfire and brimstone as many do.

      May the sauce be with you,

      The Reverend.

      • The Reverend Toni Rigatoni says:

        Sorry about the late reply, I’ve been away.

    • Bishop Bob of Linguine says:

      I beg your pardon ms Kaye. I just spoke to Geebis- the Noodley one gave me his cell number- you should know that your hebrew hippy is a devout convert to our Lord and Savior, the Holy One- may sauce be upon him- the Omnipotent- the Benificient, the Tasty -Flying Spaghetti Monster R’Amen. The point of Pastafarianism is to impart the truth of the creator of the universe- may the sauce be with you. Our FSM- the great- the benificient- the Holy- beyond all platitudes- beyond all laudatory praise- beyond all Fettucini- has shown his corporeal splendiferousness to a mere mortal such as yourself- you are blessed by his noodely appendage probing your cheezy smelling vajayjay and he offers you to suck his meat balls. Your gaud is more better>>>??????? I think not. So Sayeth Bishop Bob of Linguini (you may now kiss my ring).

  8. Carolyn Smoot says:

    hy not? Makes as much sense as many other “theories”,

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