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  1. Pastafarian and proud says:

    WOW! That’s a great illistration of how the world was once perfect!

  2. Pastafarian and proud says:

    Who else has read the whole of the Loose Cannon and found that sertain things don’t add up to this letter?

  3. learn english says:

    hello, thans your for posted

  4. Francis says:

    I’m sorry, but what the fuck is your problem? what the fuck do you have in your fucking head? what the fuck? what? what the fuck? it’s fucking lunch, i ate your god 2 fucking days ago. What the fuck is your problem? what is this? who follows this? YOU are the reason for the decadence of the occidental world, fucking retarded mother fucking stupid asshole, this is disturbing, really, it really makes me think, that stupid people are out there making shit like this, and even more stupid people follow stupid people, its like a fucking stupid circle of stupidity. its like you are truly MENTAL RETARDED, your IQ is below what is supposed to be normal, really, for real, cut this shit, stop it, FUUUUCK!!! A FUCKIIINGG FLYING SPAGHEETTIIIII MONSTER CREATED THE UNIVERSE??!!! FUCK MEN WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please dont take it personal…but people who believe in this are repulsive, idiotic, mindfucked retardeds, I FUCKING HOPE THIS WHOLE SHIT IS A FUCKING JOKE. I TRULLY DO. REALLY, REALLY STUPID SHIT THIS IS. BRB gotta go pray to MY FUCKING HAM AND CHEESE BBQ SANDWICH, MY NEW GOD.

    • Francis says:


    • Rin says:

      your the retard if your going to go out of your way to talk smack and say dumbass swears at someone for 1)having a religion totally different than anything anyone has ever seen before 2)having the balls to accually possibly send this 3)possibly having a very great sense of humour. if you really did not like what he was trying to do with this religion then you should have just kept your mouth shut. they dont go all up your grill and start talking trash about your religion do they?

    • stylusmobilus says:

      That’s funny

  5. Francis says:

    The truth is that some people are REALLY going to believe this is a religion, i have NO absolute doubt that the intention of this “belief” is just a satire against the current system of religions, but it has probably gone too far, by making people trully believe this shit as real, I understand all of your intentions, or at least the known ones, and I share many of them, BUT A FUCKING PASTA FLYING MAKE BELIEVE MONSTER RELIGION is NOT the answer NOR the way to do this. But I must admit it is very creative, yet incredibly stupid.

    • Francis says:

      and OF COURSE, my first comment was a simple joke, like the one you are beautifully pulling off, but a joke is just a joke, it must not go any further, there are other ways to accomplish what you are trying to.

  6. Fred says:

    What a beautiful thing. I have been touched by his noodle appendage!!!!!!

  7. Rin says:

    this is very interesting. i cannot prove that this religion is entirely false, therefore i must believe that there is at the very least a small percentage of a chance that it is real. i myself do not have any specific religion, i prefer to be an observer and just watch and to learn new things without the judgement of any one or many overulers dicating my every move and thought. those people who are offended by this should think for a moment. for someone of a different religion than you, how rediculous does your religion seem to them. and i would dearly love someone to try and disprove this or any other religion. i think that would be an imensely interesting point of view to hear.

  8. Noodles says:

    Brilliant. Henceforth, I’m a believer.


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