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  1. Pwnerade says:

    I have felt the touch of His Noodly Appendage! All hail His Noodliness!

    Wow, this religion hasn’t been around for that long, and there already appears to be religious debate. Dang . . .


  2. Quolnok says:

    I’m glad the Australian (and UK) release is the hardcover version as depicted on the US cover (complete with ribbon). Much more “religious text”y.

  3. Uncle Simon says:

    I bought the book at Borders recently and I’m almost finished. This is the most hilarious and amazing book I have ever read.


  4. The Spaghetti Thief says:

    I must say I am most appalled at the vast number of people intent on eating the precious Flying Spaghetti Monster. It is disgusting that it is legal for people to purchase, kill and eat this innocent creature…even if it does taste absolutely delicious. Even when it is smothered in a rich tomato and meatball sauce, the crime is still horrendous. I have many things to say on this atrocious topic, but I must go as the pasta is ready and the sauce done. I shall be back to publish my scrumptious recipie for homemade pasta and meatball sauce. Dig in.

  5. Uncle Simon says:

    I’ve finished the gospel,well, to be completely honest, I finished it yesterday afternoon. Does anyone have any idea where eye patches are available for purchase? I don’t want to offend His noodlyness when preaching the Word.

  6. frackers says:

    Marvelous info. I am working with this theme and the information has been most helpful.

  7. slippiefist says:

    they actually have the gospel in the public library here in tampa. i wonder how long until its stolen.

  8. Shameless Truth says:

    I have yet to read this book of yours, but it seems like a worth-while read. Your Spaghetti God and his audacious followers have tickled me greatly. Keep pissing people off, please.

    Seriously. Someone has to. =)

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