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  1. Ioulia says:

    Really? I have never read anythng as absurd as this letter…. The author might be proud and consider himself original, but I strongly believe he needs to do further resesarch on different theories. Everyone has a right for an opinion, but an opinion is like a butt…le: everyone has one, but not many people wnts to hear it (applies to author’s trail of thought)…. I do understand a freedome o speach and so forth, but some of us have children to raise… Believe it or not, absurd heories dn’t help…. Just saying…. Lay off the spaghetti drug and get a job (or….)

    • Danimal says:

      You must be shorter than the holy midgit himself to have the point go so far over your head.

      • Ioulia says:

        My Dear Danimal,

        Just because I don’t share the point of view indicated in this letter doesn’t make me short, midgit or any of that kind. I got the point, but sorry, I didn’t like it… I can understand that someone might enjoy this, but I’m not there with it… I believe there could be a different way voicing the opinion. I have many reasons why, but I’m way too busy to invest my time into this right this second… I have a feeling, that author himself wasn’t serious wrighting this to begin with…

        • Danimal says:

          Nope, you just confirmed you missed the point. Maybe try some platform shoes or carry a step ladder with you.

        • Ioulia says:

          Yeah Danimal, very original. Now be proud, go to bed and don’t forget take off them bottle bottoms…. Peace.

        • Danimal says:

          What is a bottle bottom?

        • Atsap Revol says:


          Wrighting or lephting, you need to check your spelling.

          Atsap Revol, The Pedantic Pastafarian

    • TiltedHorizon says:


      Is there a point somewhere in your post? I can’t help but feel like you had something say but your to inability to articulate has left me clueless to your agenda. Considering you are ‘raising children’ I would recommend the following for you and your children:

      • Ioulia says:

        My Darling,

        How come your comment controdicts itself? You are clueless of my agenda, but yet you would like to recommend something…. Hmmmm… Ok. Cute.
        Have a great day.

        • TiltedHorizon says:

          Oh cool, I able to detect contempt in your post and your response to Damimal was legible. Much better! So who gets the credit, RIF or Hooked on phonics? (or me for providing you the links)

        • Ioulia says:

          You were late with your suggestions, love (TiltedHorizon). I’m on Hookied on phonics Valume three, but I’m glad you just discovered it. Perhaps it is getting a bit late for you, so I suggest you rest. Besides, when you will get illeborate yourself in more then one language, we might talk (PC interpriters don’t count). SO, have fun with your phonics. DOn’t stay up too late…. Boooooaaaaaarrrrrring!!!!!! Peace, pumpkin.

        • TiltedHorizon says:

          Oh, it’s my pet project, Ioulia!

          Hi. Congrats on your continued education, I am glad it’s working well and I hope success for you. Now as soon as you are up for it please revisit you original post and redeem yourself by reposting with a point. Without this kind of effort your claim of being multilingual is undermined. Little point in speaking multiple languages if you are likely unable to convey ideas or information in any of them.

  2. Duke Airanda Tension says:

    I agree, absurd theories without any evidence do not help (creationism, Idiotic Design anyone?). Thank you for supporting the scientific method that shows Darwin’s theory of evolution through natural selection. I too have children to raise and am proud to say that both appear to have rejected the notion of a (idiotic) designer despite having to attend religion based schools. At least Bobby’s creation myth explains why the “design” of the human body is so flawed (I believe the FSM was particularly drunk at the time).

    • MacaroniTony says:

      Evolution is JUST A THEORY. FSM transcends evidence. Our children deserve to learn about his noodle creations which in my opinion are not an alternative but an equally valid explanation. You must stop this nonsense or spend eternity in hell where the beer is at room temperature and the strippers are not nearly as attractive.

  3. stefaan says:

    Forgive me my complete lack of wisdom, but why is the temperature not decreasing again the last years as piracy is back on a large scale (Somalia, …). Are those pirates false pirates, not influencing the temperature? Or are they pasta eating pirates? Help me!

    • Keith says:

      They are false pirates stefaan. Real pirates are like Patchy and Painty in Spongebob Squarepants.

      • stefaan says:

        Thanks Keith! Maybe we all have to throw some meatballs after their heads cause they are disturbing the noble cause of his Noodliness!

  4. Tanner says:

    thank you.

  5. Jerry says:

    So I decided I would check this website out…it’s pretty interesting, though it makes me kinda sad. I want you to know that I’m praying for you. I’m a pretty logical person. I don’t like to believe something without proof. I have found through research that what I believe is true. Jesus claimed to be God, so that leaves three options for him: liar, lunatic, or Lord. I’m convinced it’s the last one. “My God’s not dead, He’s surely alive, and He’s living on the inside, roaring like a lion.” Jesus stepped down from His throne in heaven because He loves you. He doesn’t want to have to punish us. He wants us to be set free from our sin through His blood. And trust me, He will never leave you or forsake you, even when everybody else in the world does. I don’t like religion, and I don’t think Jesus does either. All religion ever made of me was a sinner with a stone tied to my feet. This is a relationship with the God of the universe. This is why you were created. Are you ready to fullfill your purpose? I know I am!
    Praying for you,

    • TiltedHorizon says:

      Damn, I fell for it again! An believer professing his logical prowess, claims to not ‘believe something without proof’. I was all ready to consider the ‘proof’ that convinced you Jerry!!! You had my attention then decided to posture and preach with the time you had. Where is the ‘proof’ you eluded to?

      Oh well.

      Don’t waste your time praying for me Jerry, pray for your yourself. Nothing you offer distinguishes your beliefs from the alternatives, which to me means, your faith is on equal ground with the ridiculous, like snake worship, scientology, or FSM. With all the choices, picking the winner would be like hitting the lotto. Don’t worry though, I’ll pray to FSM for ya.

    • gordon_uk says:


      The main phrase you used that worries me is “He doesn’t want to have to punish us” why would he feel the need to punish us, what for not believing?

      When the religious say god only punishes us for our own good it sounds a bit like they are suffering from some form of Stockholm syndrome, it’s our fault for not loving him enough / correctly / wearing the close… But as he created sin then punishing us for falling for it is abuse, is it not?


      • Dr. Astronomer says:

        I don’t think it is Stockholm Syndrome. I think Jerry just proved God is Ike Turner and/or Bobby Brown. “Baby, please, you know I love you. Why do you do these things to make me hurt you?”

    • theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

      Jerry, you said “I don’t like to believe something without proof”, then you cite what Jesus said. I don’t suppose you have a recording of that. It wasn’t written down by anyone who actually ever saw Jesus. Then again, try finding proof there ever WAS a Jesus. Hell, I can manufacture quotes that Robin Hood, Prester John or King Arthur said, but I wouldn’t expect you to build a life around them.

  6. plumberbob says:

    @ Jerry,

    Please show us the proof that jesus or god ever even existed. I think that you have none, and that you won’t even respond to this post.

    BTW, misquoting the bible doesn’t count. For each and every bible reference, I would give an equally valid quote from Lord of the Rings, or Harry Potter, or The Gilgamesh Epic.

    If you can even read the bible, I’d be happy to discuss the authorship, time of its composition, local politics and economics, and the Wellhausen Documentary Hypothesis with you.


    • Chris says:

      You can even discuss that the JW’s re-wrote the bible in 1968 (ish) to coincide with their pre-postulated beliefs. 7 days apparently is not seven days, it’s an era. This formulated belief perpetuates stupid people……….. It is so amazing how gullible people are. I wouldn’t even be surprised if some people believe in a real FSM, after all… they do believe in Scientology. …. are there true believers of the magnificent FSM??? If so … Grrrrrr … bring on an ice age.

  7. ccna boot camp says:

    I just wanted to say, I really enjoyed your blog post and I added your link to my wordpress blog today as a recommended site – Blessings Debra!

  8. Chris says:

    I am a convert. The open letter is the most fantastic piece of “prose” I have ever read. You magnificent man. I am an Aussie and with consent, use your “belief” to fend off those crazy Christians that knock on my door weekly. I say AAAAArrrrh me Hearties.

    • Keith says:

      I have a lock on my gate. It’s great for keeping the god botherers out. Fortunately their god does not grant them the gift of intangibility but he does grant them sufficient intelligence to know that if they jump the fence they are trespassing.

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