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  1. pkrmgc says:

    I have been a loyal pastafarian for over a year now, but I am left wondering about the various sects of my faith. what does RAmen mean? What is the l.o.l? Which is prefered by the fsm breadsticks or garlic bread. Is bowtie pasta heretical? I must search for answers at the bottom of the bowl.

    May you be touched by his noodly apendage.

  2. Kwyjibo says:

    Hi! I am a follower of Flying Spaghetti Monster!
    From Italy!

  3. unknown says:


  4. Emma says:

    This is for all the haters out there…
    I was an Atheist for most of my life, when I was touched by his noodally appendage. He loves me far more than GOD did, and al my prayers have been answered. I have begun a club at my school for spreading His love. Before, I was overweight, hated others, was failing half my classes, and hated spaghetti. HE has changed my life, I am now healthy, have good friends, am acing all my classes, and love spaghetti! (I have convinced my school to serve spaghetti on Fridays for me!)

    R’amen, and may you be touched by his noodally appendages,

    • Bishop Bob of Linguine says:

      May the Lord and Creator F S M bless you and keep you- may he extend his starchy appendage unto you- may he shine the light of his countenance upon you- may you suck his balls for all eternity and above all may the Holy one the Benificient one—give you SAUCE. R’Amen

  5. Precisely says:

    If only I had known about his Noodlyness sooner! The more research I conduct…the more I am certain that HE exists. Physics will advance a lot faster if more physicians realise that it is HIS noodly appendages occupy space in other dimensions beyond the conventional 3 and time. The fact HIS Noodlyness can fly of course results from having zero mass…however his mass-less noodly appendages explain why gravity is the weakest out of all the fundamental forces…fascinating… …

    • theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

      Physicists are coming around to Pastafarianism with string (actually noodle) theory postulating 10 or 11 dimensions.

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