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  1. Jeremykeys says:

    That’s something that almost escaped me. This silly phrase, “Finding the lord”. Since so many bible-thumpers are always using it, it makes you wonder if there actually is one. I doubt it since they keep asking if anyone has seen him.

  2. that1guy says:

    When I first bought the Gospel, I read it merely out of curiosity, but when I finished reading it, my life was changed forever. I now proudly state I’m a Pastafarian and have remained so for almost 3 years now. Now I lend my book to those who are curious like I was and as such has led to many converts to FSM. The Gospel is a great enlightening book that is worth a look and very hilarious, on a final note just want to say thanks Bobby Henderson for the Enlightenment and thank the FSM for the clarity and peace of mind I have gotten from Him

  3. BrownpaperbaG says:

    I would just like to say that “Pastafarianism” is gaining incredible notoriety here in our country (Philippines). Ever since the Spaniards took over and trashed our old beliefs to teach their way of Religion, I knew for a fact that something was wrong.

    I felt that something was missing in their deity because we can still feel poverty, sickeness, death & most of all HUNGER!!. But my beliefs were changed when I recognized the Flying spaghetti Monter’s awesome power! He’s the answer to our biggest problem. HUNGER!! He’s a spaghetti for crying out loud. I believe that the Italians were the first ones to discover the power of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and they’re using the sacred art of cooking to deliver his noodly message. That’s why Italians are so damn good in making pasta.

    I will try to make a further research on this theory. Pls don’t hesitate in sharing your thoughts. Thanks! RAmen

  4. BrownpaperbaG says:

    Flying Spaghetti Monster!

    It actually makes sense now. I knew that there was something wrong with the deities that people believed in because no matter how many times they pray and beg, there will always be room for suffering, hatred, poverty, death and most important of all HUNGER! And then it hit me, FSM is pasta! He may not be able to solve all of our problems, but atleast he can eliminate one! HUNGER!
    He’s the only deity who shows potential in eliminating hunger as long as we believe in him.

    I was born an atheist but was baptized and raised as a catholic (which I never approved). Now I see the truth. Can I be baptized as a believer of the Church of the FSM? I would really like to join. I live in the Philippines and I would do my best to open the eyes of my fellow Filipinos. There are a lot of atheist here in our country, sadly they’re afraid comin of out. Afraid of being outcasted and ridiculed. Thanks for letting me share my thoughts. RAmen.

  5. Tony says:


    I’ve read the FSM gospel with much interest, thank you, Bobby!

    It is VERY convincing, but I think the “Pirates vs Temperature” chart is not quite there… However, the comparison of the “land discovered” is THE killer argument.
    I can attest to it myself: recently I bought a GPS for my car, if I’d blindly believe what it suggests me – I’d most certainly got lost… That GPS box occurred to be the worst expenditure of my money recently!

    (We have lots of Noodely-white snow this winter, our municipal services are not to His standards. When this silly GPS box sees a 30~40km/h average speed at a main street/avenue – it “scientifically thinks” it is a traffic jam there and suggests to use a by-street. It’s incapable to understand that those seemingly traffic-free by-roads are completely undrivable because of huge snow-piles, and that people on a main avenue crawling at those 30~40km/h all show finest examples of Ari Vatanen-like masterpiece of handling a car on an ice-under-snow SLIPPERY surface! I need all my might to hold on to His Noodely Appendage which helps me to keep control of my car.)


  6. jeremykeys says:

    Tony 997
    You’re not the first person I’ve heard complain about the inadiquicies of GPS gadgets. I like when they tell you to go down a road that is closed for repair. Makes me think the GPS stands for Great Pile of Shit!
    Obviously these devices aren’t tuned into the FSM otherwise they would be more accurate.

  7. Vicious Circle says:

    Christians: The bible is the word of God!
    Rational Thinkers: But how can you be sure it’s the word of God?
    Christians: Because the bible is infallible.
    Rational Thinkers: But why believe the bible?
    Christians: Because the bible is the word of god.

    Circular logic? I think so.

    The Gospel is one of the most well written, well thought out religious books I’ve ever read.Though I’ve truly believed for a great time, this is beautiful.

    Thank you.


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