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  1. A Vagrant Questioner says:

    In response to Roj

    Excelent however,

    God, if exsistant would have to be female. I know this for two reasons no man has that much to say and thousands of years after eating her apple we are still catching crap about it.

  2. nikkiee says:

    Well, it is often left up to the woman to go out and buy more apples!

  3. One Eyed Jack says:

    What you describe is really more along the lines of what a deist is. Atheists by definition do not believe in God, a god, or gods. What you argue may be a resonable way to look at the idea of ‘god’, but you’re talking about something other than atheism.
    You write, “Atheists who are utterly certain that there has never been any sort of supreme being frighten me as much as people who are utterly certain that the biblical flood was an historical event.”
    Why would this frighten you? Do you believe in Zeus, Wotan, Baal or Odin? Should it scare me if you don’t? Perhaps what you fear is not atheists, but the possibility that they could be right.
    OEJ, spreading the word with a shovel and pitchfork

  4. One Eyed Jack says:

    That’s only true in the Bible. In real life it’s the woman’s job to go out and buy more beer!
    OEJ, running for my life.

  5. nikkiee says:

    Bah! You just havn’t been properly trained OEJ. Ever noticed how, after a few years (say 5), a man starts referring to his “til death do us part” as the boss!!!

  6. nikkiee says:

    These men have discovered the key to a happy marriage. (along with everything that implies)

  7. One Eyed Jack says:

    Some might argue that the term “happy marriage” is an oxymoron.

  8. nikkiee says:

    I concede!

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