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  1. Seth Sunshine says:

    faghettini, I don’t think you’re in any position to cast judgement upon Duneman’s wife’s profession. And I know you’re likely to come back with ‘I wasn’t judging her merely posing questions,’ but you had a decidedly judgemental tone and insinuated that was her only use. Just as with religion no-one has any right to enforce their beliefs upon someone else and therefore you have no right to say the way somebody lives is right or wrong in this respect. So my advice would be to keep your quips to yourself next time.
    And on a more topical note, I’d just like to say I’ve loved reading through everything on the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and I’m definately now a Pastafarian convert.

  2. Mike Meier says:

    One word – library. Just go check it out instead of buying it or getting your parents to buy it.

  3. wwfsmd? says:

    i’ll think about it. lol. well…libraries always want money when i go to see them cuz the books are overdue. so i’ve grown not to like libraries, i know “that’s just being lazy” well w/e i’ll just be lazy then!

  4. rafael espaguetti moros says:

    I like it , I like it , I like it , beer , spagettis , wine , stroppers


    even i like pirates (not very very , but i like it)

  5. A Vagrant Questioner says:

    Note I have yet to read the good book, so correct me as brutally as you want it twill not dissaffect me.

    The problem i have with chrstianity in all of its form is this.

    Ask forgivness and you are forgiven.

    Confess and your path to heaven is secured.

    I see many flaws moraly in that, i that is true i personally dont belibve it is then Ted Bundy a man who murdered and raped over one hundred women can easily acces paradise?.

    And now for a deep question why would any creater be it a pasta god or a christian titan allow so much pain and suffering in the world, no one likes seeing children starve. So i ask both ye faiths where are your gods for the people that never have a chance?

    Answer me these question if at all possible,

  6. One Eyed Jack says:

    All good questions if you believe that the creator of the universe has a vested interest in us. Something which many religions profess. We are egotistical beings. We are convinced we matter. We want to feel we matter.
    Consider this. How much do you care about the fate of an ant, a gnat, or a bacterium? Would you intervene to save an ant, a gnat, or a bacterium? We assume that a divine creator would have a vested interest in us. How can we possibly know the mind of such a being? Why should this creator care what happens to an ant, a gnat, a bacterium, or us? Relatively speaking we are down there with the bacteria.
    The FSM does not send people to hell. There is no true Pastafarian hell. It’s more like sitting in the smoky part of the bar, with a bad view of the dance stage, and having to drink stale beer. The FSM gave us brains. I imagine he expects us to use them and deal with the assholes ourselves.

  7. Roj Villapardo says:

    I have not read the Gospel. I have just enjoyed reading all of your posts on this particular page. This posting may be out of place here, but I wanted to add to the discussion.

    I do not believe in God.
    I am not an Atheist.
    These two statements are not mutually exclusive.

    IMO, there is a crucial misjudgement that atheists make on their personal religious path. That misjudgement is to assume that Church and God are irrevocably conjunct. This is not necessarily the fault of the athiest. The Church preaches that disbelief in even one aspect of its dogma is disbelief in the entire system. The Church also preaches that it is the only true conduit for communion with God. When a devoted acolyte learns of pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, or sloth perpetrated by Holy Men or their Holy Bureaucracy, it is natural to assume that God (the only god he/she knows) must not exist; This is a logical fallacy. Just because a lollipop must be held up by a stick doesn’t mean the stick is going to be sweet and tasty.

    The thought that escapes most athiests is that they don’t have to believe in God in order to believe in god, or gods. Everett Fox – – interprets YHWH as “I will be there howsoever I will be there.” Saying further (I’m paraphrasing here) that when God is asked His name, He responds that the name is not important. That if you need Him, He will already be at your side. I like to take that one step further, and say that He’s there when you need Him, and in the form in which you need him. God doesn’t need to be a ridiculous gray-haired man on a throne. And He can be an equally ridiculous Flying Spaghetti Monster. It’s up to each of us as individual human beings with functioning brains to deduce the true nature of the god we choose to worship.

    In summation: Atheists who are utterly certain that there has never been any sort of supreme being frighten me as much as people who are utterly certain that the biblical flood was an historical event.

  8. Roj Villapardo says:

    Sweet Jesus, someone save me from my horrid spelling and formatting. *stabs self with dagger*

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