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  1. SaucyWench says:

    Marcus, I fully agree. Why would faghettini say that Davey’s comment is not needed in the discussion? It is precisely the kind of comment that is needed, and this forum is precisely the place for it to be said.

  2. faghettini says:

    Hey Marcus, if you read through every “faghettini” post on this site, you will notice that I never once said that God exists. Coping with it is not the issue. Davey’s post wasn’t discussion. It was sidebar.

    As for the name, there is nothing on this page that isn’t meant to incite. I think it fits right in.

  3. Davey says:

    Hey, I’m “sidebar”!
    (I think)

  4. Duneman says:

    Thanks One Eyed, I knew I’d find solace in the company of my fellow believers.

    Those that think being a stripper is degrading to a woman should have tagged along when my wife was making her daily deposits in the bank. I think the “victims” here are the ones that went home alone with empty wallets! And she’s looking forward to the male strippers same as Gill!


  5. faghettini says:

    Does your wife sleep well at night knowing that the only thing she is good for in this world is getting nekked so that lonely men can have a look at her? Is she satisfied that she has lived up to her full potential and contributed all she had to make the world a better place?

  6. Rutger van Honig says:

    I’d really like to own a nice leather bound, gold inmprinted hard cover copy with a bookmark ribbon as shown on the cover of this rather cheap looking paperback. His divine teachings are in my humble opinion too valuable to be printed on this greyish recycled toiletpaperlike material. May the publisher soon be touched by His Noodly Appendage!

  7. Mark HELP says:

    CAN SOMEONE HELP ME? i want to spread the word and i would love a pamphlet depicting Tim DuBay’s Guide to Pastafarianism, it would probably be the best. i am incredably busy but if i have to i will but it might take me a while. i do own a copy of the gospel but when i found out that it was ok for christians to pass out pamphlets on my college campus i knew this was a sign from the all mighty fsm that i must make small black & white pamphlets so that i might hand them out along side the christians. i would appreciate anyone willing to help. thank you
    [email protected]

  8. wwfsmd? says:

    (errr…well maybe his wife likes to get naked and enjoys the fact that she is able to make people happy?) just a thought

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