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  1. Ian Barker says:

    The book is something more than worth noting. I believe it to be so thought provoking that I intend to bring it along with me to a local music venue tonight, the Underground Cafe. ( You’d be amazed at how little the word has spread amongst these impressionable youths. They’ll be touched soon enough…by His Noodley Appendage.


  2. Matt says:

    all hail his holyness

  3. Matt says:

    all hail his holyness HAZA

  4. Ian Barker says:

    …twenty conversions later…

  5. Ana Allan says:


  6. Samakar says:

    All hail his noodliness!!

  7. smarter than you says:

    so yeah someone told me about this book. needless to say shes atheist and was before she read this book. but anyways i want to read it. wth is up with the noodly appendage. please tell meh!

  8. smarter than you says:

    the temp did slightly fall on tuesday. yall musta done a good job cuz it dropped even more wednesday.

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