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  1. Captain B says:

    Reid, it’s important to read The FSM’s ten ‘I’d really rather you didn’t’. Some people have suggested a local Italian restaurant as their initial meeting place. Get a small group and Chef (provide a picture) might oblige with an FSM dish.

  2. NamePending says:

    Does anyone know of any other sorts of truth seeking forums such as this one? I am fairly interested in discussion with others. These seem very chill. I know they’ve been around for decades now, but I never really got a chance to include myself in the fun and I’m really hoping things like this still exist around. This has been up for over 10 years, so I’d assume I won’t have any trouble seeing some more 10 year old history. I’m mainly trying to exercise my social and typing abilities, but I’d also like as many other experiences as I can gather.

  3. chuck testa says:

    you people are on psilocybin

    • Captain B says:

      You really seem to know your mushrooms, Chuck.

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