Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated 7/2008

Q: Who are you?

A: My name is Bobby Henderson. I’m 27. I grew up in Oregon and move around a lot. I have a physics degree and have successfully avoided a “real” job for years.

Q: Did you really send the Open Letter to the Kansas School Board?

A: Yes. But, I received no replies until after I posted the website online and the School Board started getting lots of emails about it. You can read some of the responses I received here.

Q: Are you an atheist / heathen / what?

A: I don’t have a problem with religion. What I have a problem with is religion posing as science. Teach Creationism in school, fine, but don’t teach it in a science classroom. And don’t change the definition of science so that you can teach these things. That’s retarded.
Supernatural explanations are by definition not science, so why would you teach them in a science classroom?

Religion, itself, isn’t bad. But it isn’t necessarily good, either. There are plenty of good Christians (and Muslims, and Buddhists, and Hindus), and plenty of bad ones.

Dogma is bad for everyone.

Q: You are making God angry.

A: I doubt it. If there’s a God, and he’s intelligent, then I would guess he has a sense of humor. And how do you know He is NOT a Flying Spaghetti Monster?

Q: Do you make money off this?

A: Yes. The Church makes money off T-shirts, car emblems, book sales, and occasionally donations. We are saving a lot of money and pretty soon here we’ll buy our first Pirate Ship which will serve as a floating church, open to all Believers.

Q: Your graph is messed up.

A: No, it’s not. The X-axis doesn’t have to represent time. And the data points don’t need to be in order. A graph is just a collection of data points, I can display them however I want. It might not be what you’re used to, but it’s not messed up. Please stop writing me emails about it (well over 200 at this point).

Q: There are more pirates now than ever. Look at the South Pacific. And song-downloading pirates, and blah blah blah.

A: Real pirates use swords (cutlasses, actually). Those “pirates” in the south pacific are guys with machine guns, cruising around in power-boats. They’re not pirates. And the song-downloading “pirates” are smelly nerds, and therefore not real pirates.

Q: Your grammar/spelling/etc is bad.

A: Yah.

Q: You’re wrong. It’s actually a linguini / mashed potato / dinosaur / elephant / whatever monster.

A: Maybe He just disguises Himself as those things. Also, you’re not funny.

Q: Can I reprint your letter?

A: Yes. Send me a link, please.

Q: Acceptible use of content?

A: It’s ok with me if you’re using the FSM images/content as long as it’s not for profit, and you’re doing it to further the Cause of the church. I.e. printing out FSM propaganda materials and distributing them is ok (and encouraged). Making FSM t-shirts, selling FSM merchandise, etc. is NOT OK.

Q: What blogging/cms software are you using?

A: The recently redesigned site is built on the WordPress platform with the K2 template.

Q: How many members are there?

A: I don’t know. There are no membership records as such, so I can only guess based on the amount of traffic the site receives, etc. Traffic to date (September 2006) is somewhere in the vicinity of 350 million hits, and around 15 million unique visitors. Google returns close to 2 million results for the phrase “flying spaghetti monster“. So, who knows – your guess is as good as mine.

Q: Why Pirates?

A: We believe that humans evolved from pirates. Consider that humans share around 95% DNA with monkeys, and more than 99.9% DNA with pirates.

Q: Interview requests

A: I’m happy to answer your questions. I recommend you just send me your questions in an email with a subject that I’ll notice, like “INTERVIEW QUESTIONS”. You don’t need to ask permission or set up an interview for some future time, just send me the questions. Thanks.

Q: Website statistics

A: Somewhere around 10k-40k visitors per day, and somewhere around 500k-1million hits a day. Hits are extremely high because lots of people hotlink images,etc from the site. Which is fine w/me.

Emails – depends, but 50 per day is not uncommon. I have 13,839 unread emails right now (9/25/06). I’ll get to as many as I can.

Q: Why is there an FSM banner on my MySpace profile?

A: It’s a virus/worm that WAS NOT CREATED BY ME. I had nothing to do with it. I’m sorry – it caused everyone a lot of problems, and I do not approve of this sort of thing. You can remove it by following the directions here.

More questions? Ask me below, or email me at [email protected]

965 Responses to “Frequently Asked Questions”

  1. Aaron says:

    Bobby, I’d totally buy a bible-looking version of The Gospel. No questions asked. Put a section on the site, and give a general price amount, and take a poll. I’m sure you’ll find there’s MORE than enough interest.

  2. Chris says:


    As a devout pastafarian I have to challenge you on this:

    “Religion, itself, isn’t bad. But it isn’t necessarily good, either. There are plenty of good Christians (and Muslims, and Buddhists, and Hindus), and plenty of bad ones.”

    One cannot be a “good” Christian because:

    1) If one is a “good Christian” because one is particulary adherent to the Bible, one would be murdering everyone who worked on Sundays, torturing, raping, etc. as Christian God instructs.

    2) If one is a “good Christian” because one takes a very liberal interpretation of the Bible and is generally an OK person, one is living a total contradiction by not standing up for what their Bible says, and one is also fostering a culture where it is taboo to question religion.

    There is nothing good about religion – positive morals/values can be found through reason and are more compelling that way.

  3. Anna Mosier says:

    Bobby- first of all, love the church, religion, website. It rocks! I have been converted. Could you please tell me if the Kansas School board is still keeping up this farce? i don’t want to send angry letters if they realized thier mistake. And whose the 4th minority person?I only saw three reply letters. I won’t pester the people on our side. I plan to put up posters in my school and hand out pamphlets, as soon as the office lets me. I am an avid pursuer of the sciences, and fully hate ID. Please reply, but I’ll understand if you don’t have time.Keep up the good work and Raamen!

    P.S.- This Sept, 19th is national talk like a pirate day, in case you didn’t know

  4. 9of12 says:

    Telling folks at work about national talk like a pirate day (which we’ve been observing for years) is how we found FSM :)
    I’m checking at my B&N store for the gospel today, I imagine I’ll end up having to order it.

    I just came across a giggle. I now have a religious reason for continuing my low-carb lifestyle!!!!! I can curb my carbs out of respect for our starch-based deity ;) That’ll add a great opportunity for spreading the word, as people ask me about my diet all the time.

  5. john says:

    how do u know god isnt a giant beer bottle

  6. Greg says:

    Why did the beacon of Pastafarianism move to Arizona? Doesn’t FSM get all hard and brittle in that arid climate? That’s why no pirates, signs of life, or decent football teams have ever been found there.

    Come back to Oregon, and continue receiving enlightenment from FSM when he is saturated and dripping it everywhere.

  7. Galen Caulfield says:

    You might want to emphasize the issue of ID (intelligent design) being considered in science classes. It is not an issue of the ideas presented by ID, it is in the authoritative stance of the idea-presenters and their relation to the rest of society. It’s not god or the spaghetti monster – it’s about fundamentalism vs empiricism. My suggestion (based upon the hate mail) is that you make that clear in some way on the site, to reduce philisophical banter on the issue.

    i apologize for my unclear phrasings- if you have any questions feel free to email me back.

    i really love what you did here by the way

  8. Katie says:

    Does the Flying Spaghetti Monster play dice with the universe? and if so, is that game of craps happen near the beer volcano or the stripper factory?

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