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As a scientist, I’d like to say that the currently accepted scientific theory is evolution. But, some competing ideas have been proposed, such as ID and FSMism, and discussion to include one should include the other, as these ideas are equally valid.
— Mark Zurbuchen, Ph.D.

As a medical practitioner and scientist, I wholeheartedly believe that every theory and hypothesis needs full consideration and explanation with formal ratification by peer review. We have a duty to inform our schools and presumably pasta should form a staple part of our educational diet.
— Dr. A. Macintyre (UK)

Letting the religious right teach ID in schools is like letting the Marines teach poetry in advanced combat training. As a scientist, I see these the relevancy between the two sets to be equal. If Kansas is going to mess up like this, the least it can do is not be hypocritical and allow equal time for other alternative “theories” like FSMism, which is by far the tastier choice.
— J. Simon, PhD

One of the hardest things to do as a scientist is to put my personal beliefs aside when discussing matters of science. So as a professional, I have to say that both forms of Intelligent Design – ID and ID-FSM are equally valid and if intelligent design is taught in schools, equal time should be given to the FSM theory and the non-FSM theory. But, speaking personally now, it seems to me the FSM theory is MUCH more plausable than the non-FSM ID theory, because it is the only one of the two that takes into account all the discrepancies between ID and measureable objective reality.
— Professor Douglas Shaw, Ph.D

In discussing competing theories, if one is to present ID then it is only fair and logical to teach other theories with commensurate evidence. Based on Mr. Henderson’s letter, it is clear that the FSM theory has evidence comparable in weight to ID. As a scientist and professor, it is often difficult to present differing opinions in an unbiased way. However, it is important to the student to be exposed to these ideas to form their own opinions. This comes right out of the handbook of the ID purporters: present the different “theories” and let the listener decide. If those in favor of ID are so convinced, then they should not be concerned that the presentation of the FSM theory would serve to undermine the credibility of ID.
— Elizabeth Garrett-Mayer, PhD

At one time, I believed as the Aztecs did, that the universe was created by two gods, Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca who attacked and ripped apart Hungry Woman to create the universe. Then I believed, as the Moriori do, that the universe was created when Papa and her husband Rangi hugged and bore children, and were subsequently separated by their son Tane who let light shine between them. However, my views have been swayed by the substantial evidence that the earth and universe was actually created relatively recently by the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM). I am firmly convinced that the evidence supporting this depiction of the origins of life, the universe, and everything has many of the trappings of science, and I therefore support the inclusion of FSM creation evidence in the Kansas science curriculum and standards.
— Sebastian Wren, Ph.D

One of the most exciting developments in fundamental physics in the last twenty years has been the development of so-called “String Theory.” In String Theory, all fundamental sub-atomic particles are visualized and described mathematically as microscopic vibrating strings. Although as yet unproven, many physicists believe that String Theory has the potential to become the long-sought “Theory of Everything,” through which the fundamental physical nature of all matter and forces will become understood.

Obviously String Theory IS correct, although misnamed (a secular humanist conspiracy perhaps?). As NOODLE Theory clearly unambiguously reveals, He has created the fundamental subatomic particles that form all matter in this universe in His own quivering image! You, me, the Earth, the stars…everything in the universe…are all built of trillions of tiny jiggling noodles, microscopic copies of our Divine Saucy Maker. Truly He is everywhere and in all things!
Boy-oh-Boyardi and Ramen!
–Steve Lawrence, PhD

As a scientist I believe that when presented with a new idea every possibility should be considered so we can eventually find the truth. It would be very biased if the only possibilities presented would be regulated by some authority. As a scientist I am biased towards the theory of evolution, but this does not mean that everyone should be forced to only learn this and believe this. Putting this aside, I feel if the government feels the need to regulate what students need to learn, then all ideas should be taught in school. Not only Intelligent Design (ID) should be taught, but the theory of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) should also be taught. In my scientific opinion when comparing the two theories, FSM theory seems to be more valid then the classic ID theory. There is more data to back FSM then I have ever seen for ID. The graph which was presented should alone more convincing then anything ID has ever presented. I endorse the FSM theory.
–Afshin Beheshti, PhD

As a scienctist, I think that ID is a form of pseudoscience–nothing more, nothing less. Pseudosciences lack the well-designed and carefully-interpreted experiments which characterize the true sciences. ID is popular because it provides the general public with an easily understood “answer” to nature’s complexity. Why is it human nature to try to fill the gaps in science with some form of a deity? Nobel laureate Richard Feynman, in his response the Challenger disaster, wrote, “For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled.” It is too bad that many in the USA have fallen into the ID trap, and are making emotional rather than logical decisions.

That being said, and the more I consider ID and the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) theory, the FSM theory has a lot going for it. First, it should satisfy even the most ardent ID detractors. Secondly, since everyone needs to eat and to believe in something, the FSM theory fulfills these desires. Finally, FSM neatly ties together the many ideas about the creation of the universe. I plan on exposing my students to the FSM theory over a pasta dinner.
–Elizabeth Cowles, PhD

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  1. Bari Rigs says:

    Don’t go thinking that the visitation involved any form of in(chillicon)carn(i)ation. The FSM, through his wisdom, knows that the farming of rice has a negative environmental effect through its sustainment of methane producing swamp lands. No. The FSM is pasta all the way.


    Pastor Rigs

  2. Sarah says:

    I would just like to say right now that this is one of the most hilarious things I’ve come across in the wide expanse of my fifteen years. The amount of ridiculous effort people put into hating this is almost unbelievable. Did they not read the articles on Pastafarianism? Did they not go see the wikipedia page, or the tabs on this website (on which they are, blindly, posting)? Clearly the masses are to idiotic and/or uninformed to formulate a proper response to such a blatant disregard for their feelings. Pity, that.
    After all, the point of creating Pastafarianism and sending the letter to Kansas was to single out the fact that if you’re going to make exceptions for/individually and singularly cover one dogma in the educational then you surely must do the same for all others, be it FSM or ID or even the most obscure forms of secular beliefs.
    It’s quite disappointing to me that the whole of our population can’t even take the time to investigate the grounds of creation and the history of this concept (or any, really), and yet they move forward to judge and descriminate against it.
    Thank you so much for being positive in light of their harsh remarks, and I encourage you to keep on the path you’re plodding through. Those of us with enough brain capacity to see a different side of things appreciate your ingenuity and humor.

    Indianapolis, IN

  3. Wench Nikkiee says:

    @Plumber Bob, Sarah,Edward

    One of the requirements of Dr.Dr.Dr. Dembski’s course requirements for a masters in Intelligent Design :

    “AP510 This is the masters course. You have four things to do: (4) provide at least 10 posts defending ID that you’ve made on “hostile” websites, the posts totalling 3,000 words, along with the URLs (i.e., web links) to each post (worth 20% of your grade).

    Ya think RSW has earned her/his Masters in ID?
    Who’d have thunk you could earn a degree for trolling the internet!
    ROFL :)

  4. plumberbob says:

    @ 978 – Wench Nikkiee – ,

    Thank you for the link to The-Christian-Anti-Education-School. It’s Almost as much a parody of Education as our site is of ID. Since their students are getting academic credit for the seminars that we are teaching, we should get Bobby to charge them tuition, and we should be paid stipends for the sections that we teach. All other educational institutions work that way.


  5. plumberbob says:

    @ @ 978 – Wench Nikkiee – ,

    By the way, does “CoFSM” also stand for “College of the Flying Spaghetti Monster”?


  6. Dave says:

    This is great! One of the guys staying in my dorm a year or so ago introduced me to pastafarianism but he presented it in a way that I thought it was just a pointless joke, after a quick laugh I dismissed it. I decided to revisit the information (critical thinkers do from time to time to learn more or think of things in a different way) I stumbled over this site. For the first time I realize how ignorant some people are. I now know the meaning of His word. I just don’t understand how ID supporters and pushers are expecting these forums to help their cause. I sincerely hope that any logical and minutely intelligent being would read this and realize the absurdity and lack of any evidence of the ID supporters arguments. I did not see one single point debunked by them that you guys have made. Just the same arguments restated over and over again, and my Noodlyness, did RSW explode with one last attempt to restate everything he said before, or what? It just kinda saddens me that people like that will never learn the wonders of true science just because their religion tells them not to. Well maybe not, my mom still thinks modern phones run on vibrations and not electric, and that a fridge icing over has nothing to do with water vapor in the air outside, even though I have shown her citation after citation in an attempt to teach her how things really work, and she is not the slightest bit religious. She just cannot deal with being wrong. But I digress, I just pray to Him, that he touches her with his noodly appendage just to give her some knowledge.

    Dave the new convert

  7. plumberbob says:

    @ 978 – Wench Nikkiee – ,

    I returned again today to look at the undergraduate course description for Dr Dembski’s course to be given this year:

    Philo 2483 Intelligent Design or Unintelligent Evolution.

    At the top of the page is, of course, the name of the institution: Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. And centered under the name is the following line that should be of interest to us all:

    What you believe to be true will control whether it’s true or not.
    -Jeremy LaBorde

    This is apparently the subtitle for the entire institution. It throws Science as we know it right out the window on its ear. The course also requires the same trolling and posting on sites like ours as does the graduate course AP510. Here’s another good reason for the collection of tuition from these schools of the Dark Ages.


  8. kevin says:

    Sarah, ramen to you. That was the best response…ever. You must’ve had insight from His Holy Noodly Appendage.


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