Help us get the word out about I, Pastafari

Published May 2nd, 2019 by Bobby Henderson

Hey everyone, we need your help to get the word out about I, Pastafari: A Flying Spaghetti Monster Story.

Filmmaker Mike Weeks did a great job – he captured the true spirit of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Pastafarian heroes Bruder Spaghettus and Niko Alm are both featured, making the case for freedom of religion and equal treatment under the law. The documentary also shows some of the ongoing court battles we’re involved in. I was impressed with the scope of it, and I want to help Mike get this film seen by the world.

Specifically we need help with two things:

1) Getting the documentary admitted into festivals

2) Finding a distributor

What we need you to do is:

Make a post/tweet on May 2 (International Scurvy Awareness Day) sharing the trailer of the film, with the tags of the film festival’s social media.

That’s the idea. We help get the word out on May 2, the film gets admitted into festivals, it finds a distributor, and the world is able to see what Pastafarianism is all about.

Below is Mike’s detailed instructions / explanation. Please let me or Mike know if you have questions and so forth. Thanks everyone. – bobby

Calling all Pastafarians!

Our God doesn’t require sacrifices, but will you sacrifice 1 minute of your time for an indie Pastafarian filmmaker on the holiest of Pastafarian holidays – International Scurvy Awareness Day?

On May 2nd, 2019 (no need to share anything before that specific date), help the trailer of I, PASTAFARI get in front of a few key documentary film festivals (IDFA, DOK Leipzig, & DOC NYC) by sharing it on Facebook & Twitter (links below) and tagging the festivals social media handle, to show these festival directors that there IS a hunger for this real life pasta story. The more posts/tweets they see, the more likely they will give this film serious consideration to screen at their festival. If hundreds of pastafarians do it together on the same day (May 2nd, anytime), it will be hard for any festival director to ignore.

For example….


Step 1) First go to the FACEBOOK Trailer here: bit.ly/2I7Npsq

Step 2) Click “SHARE”

Step 3) Add this message…

@DOCNYCfest @idfa.nl @DOKLeipzig please select @ipastafaridoc for your 2019 festival! #FSM #FlyingSpaghettiMonster #Pastafarian


Step 1) First go to the TWITTER Trailer here: twitter.com/ipastafaridoc/status/1094578270471966720

Step 2) Retweet it with the below message…

@DOCNYCfest @idfa @DOK_Leipzig please select @ipastafaridoc for your 2019 festival! #FSM #FlyingSpaghettiMonster #Pastafarian

If sharing/retweeting is giving you issues, you can always just compose your own post/tweet and add the Vimeo trailer here:

Just be sure to tag the festival’s social media handle!

I, Pastafari Documentary

176 Responses to “Help us get the word out about I, Pastafari”

  1. Pom says:

    Captain B thank you so much!
    NoodleNess to you!

    • Captain B says:

      Pom, #1 on their list would damn Noah and Lot as drunks. As Jesus was conceived by rape, that would be a death sentence for a pregnant Mary. If incest was on the list (it’s covered by adultery) it would damn Adam and Eve, Noah and Lot, which pretty much winds up Christianity.
      They also failed to include eating shellfish, mixing meat and dairy, wearing mixed fabrics or working on Saturday. That is lying by omission, which dooms the two sour-faced fundies to Hell.

      • Pom says:

        Captain B
        I agree.
        My favourite is Genesis 19, I just love the way Lot is still a righteous man according to gawd, after the incest, and his daughters not hit by lightening. It’s far too easy to pick apart such nonsense. I did like the offering of gang rape of his daughters, and then the gang rape death of one of his slaves I think it’s a beautiful moral story – and damns all homosexuals which in this Folau story is to him quite correct of course! ‘Knowing’ the angels – is by far a worse crime and punishable by annihilation of all those in the town, including babies, children, innocents. seriously good stuff! The problem is central to much of what makes us human – the ability to see what we want when we want, believe what we want, to fit our world view and pick the things we like whilst ignoring logic decency humanity and simple kindness.

        • Captain B says:

          Pom, Lot remained ‘righteous’ because it was all his daughters’ fault, of course. Considering they spawned a whole tribe, there must have been several generations of drunken, incestuous partying. As they are ‘Cursed to the hundredth generation’, the whole tribe must be in Hell.
          Secular historians report Sodom as simply being inhospitable to annoying evangelical fundies, who then fabricated a reason for genocide. Same old story: demonise-attack.

      • Alphy says:

        Yes, Jesus was conceived by rape. The Holy Spirit dove should be brought up on charges of incestuous rape. “God became flesh and dwelt among us.” Apparently, Gawd raped his own mother and became his own father. So, Jesus must be a mother fucker too in the Holy Trinity. Makes perfect sense. Right?

        • Captain B says:

          Because Mary didn’t call for help, she would have been stoned to death for assumed adultery, with Joseph casting the first stone.
          As per the Lot’s daughters’ defence, I reckon that Mary got Joseph drunk (wink, wink), thus, it’s all her fault, but, she’s pure, therefore, everything’s Kosher.

  2. John the Sparrowist says:

    Happy Friday to everyone!

  3. Excelsior says:

    The French journalist Fredric Martel said that 80% of the Vatican priests are gay. (The rest are pedophiles!) God says that all gays must be terminated! That means 80% of the Vatican priests must be terminated! (The other 20% should be jailed at least!)
    Warning: Don’t let your children go to a Catholic Church!

    • Captain B says:

      Excelsior, what about the Pope? Dozens of popes have been crucified or burned, though none recently and often after they were already dead. There must be a Vatican Section in Hell. Perhaps a few prayers fixes the problem these days. Do any of the lights in the Firmament provide signs to confirm this?

    • John the Sparrowist says:

      Excelsior. Can you link to the survey?

  4. Captain B says:

    Keith, you’re too kind. Some ‘Merkins, however, are ahead of us in reviving the tiny breweries that make the good stuff, which is not exported. In my opinion, Britain makes the best ales and Czechoslovakia makes the best bottled beers. Oh, for a few pints of Young’s Winter Warmer.

    • Keith says:

      Cap’n: Fortunately there are still micro breweries in Australia. I have very fond memories of a brewery in Tasmania which made a very fine blackberry mead and sold it in a stone jar. That was over 30 years ago but there are a number of micro breweries close to Adelaide. I still have the jar.

      • Pom says:

        Actually guys we are getting some decent US APA American Pale Ales over here in the UK and some aren’t bad. I don’t mean Sam Adams which is as bad as it gets mass produced like Peroni or Heineken (both truly awful) but I’ve had an APA from Hawaii for instance that was very very good – I can’t recall the name. It travelled well. One from Beaver Town is pretty good.
        It we are being spoilt here for really good ale and IPA.
        I’ve also had some decent US Cabernet Sauvignon wines. The best wine in my opinion is Tignanello. And a close second Haut Brion.

        • Captain B says:

          I brewed a few gallons of sake last year. It’s quite complicated, begining with a culture of koji mould on steamed rice, that then ferments in a fridge for three months. Lovely stuff! A bonus is that the sediment then makes white miso. Instructions with photos on Internet.

        • Keith says:

          Pom, good to hear you are getting some good stuff. I went back to England for a holiday about 20 years ago and had some very good beer and very excellent pickled eggs. I did notice, however, that the name Greene King was popping up all over the place and was told they were buying out the more traditional brewers.
          Cap’n: I love sake but it’s so damned expensive to buy. Making your own sounds like a good (if intensive) idea. There was (still is?) a manga series called “Oishinbo” which deals with food in Japan. Some of them were translated into English and published by VIZ media. One of them talks exclusively about sake.

        • Captain B says:

          Keith, although the sake recipe is quite complicated, full instructions are available and a second time round it’s all easy. I previously thought that sake was distilled, but, it’s not, it ends up that strong. I brewed because of the high price. Koji spores* and #6 sake yeast (the one for quality brews) are available on eBay. Use Basmati rice instead of Japanese. Lovely!
          *Koji turns starch into maltose.

        • Keith says:

          Great: I’ll look into it when I’ve finished with my current projects.

  5. John the Sparrowist says:

    I’m looking forward to I, Pastafari.

  6. John the Sparrowist says:

    How are you all doing?

  7. John the Sparrowist says:

    It’s Friday, my dudes!

  8. Great Trump Boy says:

    I hate vegans and vegetarians.

    • John the Sparrowist says:


    • Captain B says:

      I love vegans, but I can never eat a whole one.

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