Help us get the word out about I, Pastafari

Published May 2nd, 2019 by Bobby Henderson

Hey everyone, we need your help to get the word out about I, Pastafari: A Flying Spaghetti Monster Story.

Filmmaker Mike Weeks did a great job – he captured the true spirit of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Pastafarian heroes Bruder Spaghettus and Niko Alm are both featured, making the case for freedom of religion and equal treatment under the law. The documentary also shows some of the ongoing court battles we’re involved in. I was impressed with the scope of it, and I want to help Mike get this film seen by the world.

Specifically we need help with two things:

1) Getting the documentary admitted into festivals

2) Finding a distributor

What we need you to do is:

Make a post/tweet on May 2 (International Scurvy Awareness Day) sharing the trailer of the film, with the tags of the film festival’s social media.

That’s the idea. We help get the word out on May 2, the film gets admitted into festivals, it finds a distributor, and the world is able to see what Pastafarianism is all about.

Below is Mike’s detailed instructions / explanation. Please let me or Mike know if you have questions and so forth. Thanks everyone. – bobby

Calling all Pastafarians!

Our God doesn’t require sacrifices, but will you sacrifice 1 minute of your time for an indie Pastafarian filmmaker on the holiest of Pastafarian holidays – International Scurvy Awareness Day?

On May 2nd, 2019 (no need to share anything before that specific date), help the trailer of I, PASTAFARI get in front of a few key documentary film festivals (IDFA, DOK Leipzig, & DOC NYC) by sharing it on Facebook & Twitter (links below) and tagging the festivals social media handle, to show these festival directors that there IS a hunger for this real life pasta story. The more posts/tweets they see, the more likely they will give this film serious consideration to screen at their festival. If hundreds of pastafarians do it together on the same day (May 2nd, anytime), it will be hard for any festival director to ignore.

For example….


Step 1) First go to the FACEBOOK Trailer here: bit.ly/2I7Npsq

Step 2) Click “SHARE”

Step 3) Add this message…

@DOCNYCfest @idfa.nl @DOKLeipzig please select @ipastafaridoc for your 2019 festival! #FSM #FlyingSpaghettiMonster #Pastafarian


Step 1) First go to the TWITTER Trailer here: twitter.com/ipastafaridoc/status/1094578270471966720

Step 2) Retweet it with the below message…

@DOCNYCfest @idfa @DOK_Leipzig please select @ipastafaridoc for your 2019 festival! #FSM #FlyingSpaghettiMonster #Pastafarian

If sharing/retweeting is giving you issues, you can always just compose your own post/tweet and add the Vimeo trailer here:

Just be sure to tag the festival’s social media handle!

I, Pastafari Documentary

152 Responses to “Help us get the word out about I, Pastafari”

  1. A what boy says:


    • John the Sparrowist says:

      If that’s the case, that means there will be free concerts down in fundie hell. Sounds awesome for a meathead like myself.

      • John the Sparrowist says:


      • Captain B says:

        John, ‘meatball-head’, surely?

        • John the Sparrowist says:

          I meant to say metalhead.

    • Keith says:

      If your “Lord” is so all powerful, why would he need a mouthbreather like you to defend him? (Oh, of course, he can’t defeat iron chariots and he couldn’t win a wrestling match with Jacob.) Sounds like he needs all of the help he can get.

  2. Captain B says:

    Nor could he find Adam, when there were only two people in his garden; so much for omniscience. He can’t even do his own utterly immoral dirty work when he wants a bit of rape (except Mary), pillage and genocide, invariably on the neighbours; so much for objective morals and free will.

    He couldn’t possibly be an imaginary sock puppet, could he?

    • Keith says:

      If the kid’s god was omniscient he would have been able to tell him that I don’t listen to “metal” music.

      • Captain B says:

        Keith, it’s certain that the kid ‘believes’ what he claims, however, it’s also certain that he does not ‘know’ what he claims. If he has knowledge, why does he not tell us?
        Fundies are confounded by this basic fact and the stupid ones then degenerate into the circular idiocy of presuppositionalism.

  3. Captain B says:

    Keith, I hope you looked at the image I posted for Alphy.

    • Keith says:

      I have now! Ouchypoos!

  4. Excelsior says:

    Dear Christian friend,
    Why is it that your God who created the whole universe couldn’t save his own Church (Notre Dame) from burning down? Why did he let 200 of his worshippers be murdered in his Churches in Siri Lanka when they were blown up? Be careful my friend, you might be the next casualty!

  5. Captain B says:

    Excelsior, it’s because their god loves them and wants to reward them with Heaven. God also burned down Notra Dame as an act of love, to help them renew their faith. Simples, innit!

  6. RonaldHoumb says:

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  7. Langfirst the Larkfinder says:

    I have great sympathy for this point of view. Therefore, I have carefully hidden a series of deliciously rendered pasta-related meals in my videos, here https://www.youtube.com/user/HuwTCarr/videos, in the hope of spreading the message.

    I have found, as one struggles between the growing number of “we never went to the moon”-arians and “vaccines turn you into blancmange”-ites and all the strange variations in between, that if one expresses their message openly and calmly, then one is the least likely to be heard and one’s message absorbed. Therefore, I have been highly covert in the planting of this information.

    To aid you, I will say that I have been somewhat figurative in the illustrations, so that you enjoy the Holmesian process of tracking the secret pasta-related symbols and sigils down.

    If successfully found, I may well invite the first claimant to a celebratory pasta-immersion ceremony.

  8. Pom says:

    Sorry for posting this here off topic – but has anyone been following the rugby union story of Israel Folau, an international Australian player being sacked over his extreme fundie views on cristianity? He used the very same list of hateful terms which is from a photo posted here. The photo has two sets of people with two boards of lists of people they want in their religion. The, I must say, miserable xtians hold a board with a list of their hated people who are going toHell homosexuals isolators sinners etc. the real Issue Folau has used and got himself into trouble is the ‘he hates gays’ point ‘who are going to hell’ , and a Pasta with a board saying we take all those! Please make a noise about this too!
    And refer to this site if you can comment on the need story

    • Keith says:

      Yes, I’ve been following the story. He has been dumped. He also said that atheists are going to Hell. He’s a crank and, frankly in my opinion needs to see a trick cyclist.

      • Pom says:

        Ah good Keith.
        He has been dumped. Quite incredible and we had issues in the UK with an international player liking Folau’s tweet and he’s been getting a lot of stick about it too.
        I took a screen shot of the photo on here when I saw it some time ago but I can’t find the link it on here. I did look at Folau’s original tweet and he had used the very same board the fundies had in front of them – from the photo on here, but that board simply lists those that are going to hell and homosexuals are on that list. The media have simply zoned in that he said all homosexuals are going to hell (only) whereas there’s a list.

        • Captain B says:

          Pom, I think that photo is under Evangelism: Campus Crusade. You shouldn’t need a screen-shot, just right click/save image should do it.

        • Captain B says:

          Pom, I think this is what you’re looking for. Right click/save image.

        • Keith says:

          Yes, pom. The media have a habit of being selective about what they report. If they have to fit an article in a certain size they’ll concentrate on whatever will provoke the most emotion. If you are interested in how media represents things I would recommend that you watch this video by Potholer54, who is a journalist. (His videos are well worth watching, anyway).

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