Help us get the word out about I, Pastafari

Published May 2nd, 2019 by Bobby Henderson

Hey everyone, we need your help to get the word out about I, Pastafari: A Flying Spaghetti Monster Story.

Filmmaker Mike Arthur did a great job – he captured the true spirit of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Pastafarian heroes Bruder Spaghettus and Niko Alm are both featured, making the case for freedom of religion and equal treatment under the law. The documentary also shows some of the ongoing court battles we’re involved in. I was impressed with the scope of it, and I want to help Mike get this film seen by the world.

Specifically we need help with two things:

1) Getting the documentary admitted into festivals

2) Finding a distributor

What we need you to do is:

Make a post/tweet on May 2 (International Scurvy Awareness Day) sharing the trailer of the film, with the tags of the film festival’s social media.

That’s the idea. We help get the word out on May 2, the film gets admitted into festivals, it finds a distributor, and the world is able to see what Pastafarianism is all about.

Below is Mike’s detailed instructions / explanation. Please let me or Mike know if you have questions and so forth. Thanks everyone. – bobby

Calling all Pastafarians!

Our God doesn’t require sacrifices, but will you sacrifice 1 minute of your time for an indie Pastafarian filmmaker on the holiest of Pastafarian holidays – International Scurvy Awareness Day?

On May 2nd, 2019 (no need to share anything before that specific date), help the trailer of I, PASTAFARI get in front of a few key documentary film festivals (IDFA, DOK Leipzig, & DOC NYC) by sharing it on Facebook & Twitter (links below) and tagging the festivals social media handle, to show these festival directors that there IS a hunger for this real life pasta story. The more posts/tweets they see, the more likely they will give this film serious consideration to screen at their festival. If hundreds of pastafarians do it together on the same day (May 2nd, anytime), it will be hard for any festival director to ignore.

For example….


Step 1) First go to the FACEBOOK Trailer here: bit.ly/2I7Npsq

Step 2) Click “SHARE”

Step 3) Add this message…

@DOCNYCfest @idfa.nl @DOKLeipzig please select @ipastafaridoc for your 2019 festival! #FSM #FlyingSpaghettiMonster #Pastafarian


Step 1) First go to the TWITTER Trailer here: twitter.com/ipastafaridoc/status/1094578270471966720

Step 2) Retweet it with the below message…

@DOCNYCfest @idfa @DOK_Leipzig please select @ipastafaridoc for your 2019 festival! #FSM #FlyingSpaghettiMonster #Pastafarian

If sharing/retweeting is giving you issues, you can always just compose your own post/tweet and add the Vimeo trailer here:

Just be sure to tag the festival’s social media handle!

I, Pastafari Documentary

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  1. John the Sparrowist says:

    I’ll help.

  2. Mike Marr says:

    Aww, i missed it

  3. John the Sparrowist says:

    Happy Friday!

  4. Addu says:

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  5. Cap'n Bucatini says:

    Operation succesful:


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  7. fsmabove says:

    Greetings fellow Pastafarians! These are fascinatin’ times, and I anxiously await this doc. Mike, the creator of I, Pastafari, has reported that it got over 2,000 shares on May 2nd. I run a FSM church on instagram which has ~1,300 members. Of those, 4 shared the video, which equates to 1 share per 325 known Pastafarians. Multiplying this ratio by the 2,000 reported shares results in a grand total of 650,000 known Pastafarians. This number is likely far lower than the actual number of Pastafarians (it only accounts for those with computers/internet access/social media/etc.) but it is a pretty interesting rough estimate as to the global church’s current membership. Just thought ye all would be interested in knowin’. May ye all be touched. <3

  8. John the Sparrowist says:

    Happy Ramendan!

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