I, Pastafari Documentary

Published April 30th, 2019 by Bobby Henderson

I’m looking forward to the release of Mike Arthur Documentary, I Pastafari: A Spaghetti Monster Story. I watched the screener recently and it was great. Bruder Spaghettus and Niko Alm are both featured, as well as some of the ongoing court cases. I hope the film is admitted into festivals and finds wide distribution. Nice work, Mike.

Check out the trailer here:

I, Pastafari Documentary Trailer (2019)

I Pastafari website: www.ipastafafaridoc.com

19 Responses to “I, Pastafari Documentary”

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  1. John the Sparrowist says:

    I’m excited for this documentary.

  2. Steven Schulte says:

    Maybe I’m over excited but FSM where have you been all my life. I was blind but now I see. This is great stuff!!!!

    • Alphy says:

      Hallelujah, brother Steven welcome to the flock! You have something to celebrate, brother. Go find some good weed and get stoned, brother. Our Holy Flying Spaghetti Monster is the true and living God. We are not delusional like those who claim to know the lawd personally but can’t tell you how he likes his tea. You have been blessed and touched by the FSM himself!

  3. Captain B says:

    Steven, the noodles have fallen from your eyes; behold The FSM; may He rest in pesto and the arms of a wench.

  4. painedumonde says:

    May his boiling cleanse the way,
    May you all not fall to the ground standing as a pirate,
    May this film become required viewing.

  5. Addu says:

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  6. KekkaMoo says:

    Praise his noodlyness

    • Alphy says:


  7. johan says:

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  8. Carla says:

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